"The best way to determine the future of skin care is to invent it."
- Manuela Marcheggiani

Manuela Marcheggiani,
Co-founder, CEO and Chief Innovator/Researcher, Isomers Laboratories Inc.

Manuela, an accomplished chemist and skin care authority, continually drives Isomers innovative product lines, concept through to creation. An award-winning entrepreneur with a penchant for unique quality, Manuela’s passions---leading-edge research, performance products, superior quality controlled products, unwavering results and more---permeate the Isomers brand. A popular TV personality, she expertly dispels common beauty myths and educates her customer audience on innovation and the provocative research that is a hallmark of their results oriented skin care.

Manuela Marcheggiani, Co-founder
416-787-2465, ext. 29, Manuela@isomers.ca

Darius Majlessi,
Co-founder, President and Chief Chemist, Isomers Laboratories Inc.

Darius, a skilled chemist with keen insights into skin-care technology together with Manuela, develops Isomers product lines. To date, he has created more than 250 specialty skin-care formulations, and has written numerous corporate and industry publications on Research and Development. He has registered patents both in North America and worldwide. Both Manuela and Darius are privy to the most forward-thinking data from research centers around the world.

Darius Majlessi, Co-founder
416-787-2465, ext. 31, Darius@isomers.ca