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1027: "Best Defense Against Aging" Duo
  • 1 x PM 2.5 Pollution Defense Cream 55ml
  • 1 x Sunscreen with UV Pearls SPF 20 - "Like Sunglasses for your Skin" 120ml
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The environment is responsible for many of the signs of aging on our skin.  Experts agree that sunscreen is the most important tool you can use to keep your skin looking good.  New research is also showing that pollution is as harmful to the skin as the sun.  With this in mind, we have paired our PM 2.5 Pollution Defense Cream and Sunscreen with UV Pearls as your best defense against aging.   

Sunscreen with UV Pearls SPF 20 - "Like Sunglasses for your Skin" 120ml


What is it?

A breakthrough in sunscreen safety. Sunscreen with UV Pearls - SPF 20, protects the skin against the harmful rays of the sun to help prevent skin damage. An effective way to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Tiny glass beads entrap ultra violet absorbers, and keep them on the skin surface to enhance protection and skin comfort. Easy to apply.

Who is it for?

Provides excellent performance on all skin types. Does not burn or irritate the skin or eyes. Can be used by all ages.

Why is it unique?

  • Puts UV protection on the skin surface – just where you want it
  • SPF 20 (15 is the minimum and we determined more than SPF20 is not more effective)
  • A product that offers protection to PREVENT lines and wrinkles
  • Like sunglasses for the skin, protects against UVA/UVB

Contains UV Pearls:

  • Tiny glass beads – one hundredth of the width of a human hair in diameter
  • Are very stable and create a protective film on the skin. 
  • Offer maximum protection – without penetrating the skin, allowing it to be used on sensitive or allergic skin
  • UV absorbers that contain sunscreen chemicals that are entrapped in glass thus preventing any incompatibility with other ingredients or sensitive skin.  This means less irritation to your skin
  • Like "sunglasses for the skin"

Why we use the UV Pearls – it’s not a chemical sunscreen provides physical block

  • If you are buying a chemical sunscreen, for full sun protection, you are only getting half the protection.  You get only UVB protection, but no UVA.  There is no real test for UVA protection.  It is higher energy and penetrates the skin deeper.  This product is an occlusive block - it blocks the sun.  Chemical sunscreens react with the sun.  The last thing he wants is a product on his skin that reacts and causes free radicals.
  • Another concern is that chemical sunscreens can be absorbed into your skin and your body.
  • Chemical sunscreens don't block the sun.  They react with it.  Free radicals are what we want to avoid.

Also contains Zinc

  • Zinc is a moisturizer and trace mineral, naturally found in healthy skin
  • Zinc is also a sunscreen. 

How to protect your skin

Three ingredients provide UVA protection

  • ZnO2 (What we use),
  • TiO2 - better than chemical sunscreens but it reacts with the sunlight and causes free radicals,
  • And Avebenzone Parasol 79 that absorbed into the skin and "I'd never put it on my body". 

As a physical block, this product doesn't select between UVA and UVB - it helps protects against both.

Chemical sunscreens have a chemistry set of ingredients because none of them alone block across the UV spectrum. 

  • Sunscreen:
  • Essential to healthy skin – yet many do not / cannot use as formulations are irritating to the skin and many times very thick, tacky and unpleasant to use.  This new system of encapsulation on positioning on top of the skin – makes this sunscreen agreeable and ideal for all skin types, while also resulting in a pleasing and aesthetically desirable formulation
  • Need to be applied properly for adequate protection
  • Should be used by everyone
  • Should be used year round
  • Should be used on all exposed skin
  • Importance of Sunscreen
  • Sunscreen is a very serious product from a regulatory standpoint.  It is considered an OTC (over the counter drug) drug and has a "drug facts" panel on a "true sunscreen"; a lot of companies take liberty with what they do. 
  • is used to help  protect the skin from serious sun damage

About the sun and skin effects

Aging of skin doe not only depend on chronological effects. Harsh environmental factors are even more important. One major external factor is UV-radiation, from the sun, especially UVA-radiation. This radiation has the longest wavelength but the least energy of all solar UV-radiation. In contrast to UVB-radiation, UVA-levels in the solar spectrum vary only slightly with difference in latitude, time of the day, weather and season. Thus, there is constantly exposure to large amounts of UVA-radiation during daylight hours and during the entire year. Substantial doses are accumulated in the course of lifetime. UVA-radiation is the cause of solar elastosis.  Further long-term photo-aging can also lead to a decrease in the synthesis and cross-linking of collagen fiber, meaning that the skin finally loses its elasticity. Additionally, UVA-radiation is thought to play an important role in the pathogenesis. (dangerous/ bad for everyone). Thus effective protection of the skin against UVA-radiation should be a major object.

PM 2.5 Pollution Defense Cream 55ml

For fresher healthier looking “glass-like” skin.

ISOMERS PM 2.5 Pollution Defense Cream was created out of the need to protect the largest organ of our body from the harsh and damaging effects pollution.  Current research is clear, pollution is on the rise and our skin is paying the price.   Apart from the impact on the respiratory system, air pollution is linked to various skin conditions, such as premature ageing, pigmentation spots, and increased sensitivity.

The problem: 

The world population will reach ten billion by the year 2100.  Environmental pollution is becoming a worldwide concern and is worsening as a direct result of human activity.

The smoke generated by fossil fuels, tobacco, incineration of waste / industrial waste and dirt can uniquely combine and lead to the formation of small airborne pollutant droplets that have a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less, and consequently identified by scientists as "Particle Matter 2.5"  or PM 2.5.  

PM 2.5 can potentially protect the skin against toxic pollutants such as Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Binders (AhR):  Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxins (PCDDs), Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS), Nitrosamines and Heavy Metals.

The PM 2.5 pollutant is always present, both in our indoor and outdoor environment and must be considered a daily and continuous source of cutaneous stress.  Dermal cells, their lipid and protein components along with their DNA are the targets of PM 2.5.  The toxic result of PM 2.5 exposure can be premature dermal oxidation, irritation, dryness, reactive and sensitive skin, acne and more particularly premature and accelerated aging.

The Solution:

ISOMERS PM 2.5 Pollution Defense Cream was designed to help create a semi-occlusive barrier that would help shield the skin from exposure and the penetration of the PM 2.5.  This unique shield also helps to neutralize the free radicals that may be present in PM 2.5.  In addition to its unique slow release neutralizing formulation design Isomers, Pm 2.5 Pollution Defense Cream also helps support the skin to fight prior exposures.

Our unique formulation combines more than 7 unique technologies from around the world to achieve the above results.  In addition to our trapping and neutralization technology or PM 2.5 creates a self-washable barrier.  All you need to do at the end of the day is to rinse your skin with warm water. If you have no access to soaps or cleanses, well none will be needed!    

Key Benefits

-         Like an invisible mesh filter; forms a second skin that helps protect the skin from harmful microparticle matter both indoor and outdoor

-         Helps support optimal dermal environment for energy and oxygen

-          Helps support the cell metabolism by fighting environmental aggressors that compromise cellular energy. 

-          Helps fight exposure to sensitizing toxins that contribute to inflammatory processes.

-          Helps remove and neutralise the toxic pro-oxidant species that contribute to cellular protein and lipid structure damage, i.e. MMPs.

-          Helps support the natural dermal barrier and skin's natural antioxidants.

-          Boosts visible skin clarity.  Skin looks clear and luminous promoting a purified and healthier looking.

-          Helps calm and soothe allergic/angry skin.

-          Fights penetration of free radical oxygen species that may be present in PM 2.5 and supports the healthy oxygen.

-          Helps protect skin from makeup and color cosmetics when used as a base under the makeup.  Allows makeup to be easily washed away without clogging or irritating. 

-          Helps skin and makeup look fresher longer.  

Key Ingredients:

Formulated with unique internationally sourced and state-of-the-art Anti-PM 2.5 ingredients from around the world:

-          Pollustop:  Protective breathable shield

-          Citystem:  Refreshes skin… protects, removes and neutralizes

-          Exo-P™:  Helps provide an effective shield against aggressions resulting from urban pollution. The skin looks prettier and healthier with a luminous tone after 7 days only!

-          Symhelios:  Protection against AhR induced damage to skin – Environmental pollution aging

-          Phytessence Holyherb:  Helps refresh, clean up, helps supports healthy DNA

-          EGCG:  Helps support the collagen network and helps maintain skin elasticity


Who is it for:

-        Anyone who wants a more “glass-like” complexion, and fresher healthier looking skin.    

-        Anyone in an urban setting, traveling, outdoors, active, with skin sensitivity, signs of premature aging or photo-aging.


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