ISOMERS at SHOPHQ........the last visit for 2013 brings AMAZING offers

Happy Holidays! From ISOMERS® Laboratories and ShopHQ!

Please join Manuela for our final shows of 2013!

Thursday, December 5th:  10pm – 1am

Note:  Today’s Top Value presentations will start on Friday at 10pm eastern

Friday, December 6th:  10am – noon, 2-4pm, 6-8pm and 10pm –midnight

Saturday, December 7th:  11am – 1pm

(all times Eastern)


“Follow the Liter” – Smooth & Firm Half-Liter Duo

Tune in for Today’s Top Value pricing!

For the first time we have combined (2) half-liters into a single offer!  This Today’s Top Value combines the two most requested bonus sized items into one great pack – the Copper P Concentrate and H Pur 100 Advanced.

The Value:

Copper P Concentrate 1 oz

 $57.00 on ShopHQ

H Pur 100 Advanced 1 oz

 $40.00 on ShopHQ

  • A Half-liter is equal to 16.9 ounces. 
  • The math is staggering – if purchased ounce by ounce from ShopHQ, you would pay $1639, plus $167.00 in shipping & handling fees. 
  • For this offer, if you were buying just (2) core size Copper P Concentrate – you would pay $114.00.  We can’t reveal any details but let’s just say that  you’ll be very happy with the Top Value price!


Also Available:

C410029 All in One Hydra-Protect Dream Cream Half Liter

The perfect companion cream for the Today’s Top Value serums!

All in One Hydra-Protect Dream Cream 1.86 oz


  • A Half liter is 16.9 ounces
  • You would have to purchase (8) single bottles to recreate this offer
  • If purchased, ounce by ounce from ShopHQ, you would have to spend over $700, plus $39.92 in shipping

C410030 Nutritone Ultimate Skin Fitness Program

Nutritone Facial Beauty System


Stem Genesis Plasma 200 Eye Formula


Wrinkle Viper


R Intensive Serum


Total Value


We’ve combined the Nutritone Facial Beauty Tool with (3) targeted anti-aging serums for the ultimate skin fitness program

  • In the Eye setting, Stem Genesis Plasma 200 Eye Formula – for droopy lids,  ascending brows, visible creases, tired looking eyes, and uneven, dark or dull skin tone
  • In the Face setting, Wrinkle Viper – for expression lines
  • In the Jawline setting, R Intensive serum – to target softening of the jawline

C410286 Glutathiosome-47 Face and Eye Serum Duo

Includes full size:  Glutathisome-47 High Potency Serum and Eye Veil

Retail Value:  $233.00

C410868 Vitamin C-STEM Eye System with Lip Contour Restore

Includes full size:  Eye Peel, Vitamin C-STEM Eye Contouring Gel and Stem Genesis Lip Contour Restore

Retail Value :  $114.25

C410033 Smooth, Soft Lip Care 6 pc Set

A great little stocking stuffer!  Includes our Exfoliating Lip Balm and the new Gingerbread Lip Balm

About Lip Exfoliating Balm:

  • an  intensive palmade infused with microdermabrasion beads to polish and hydrate all in one step.   A microdermabrasion-like treatment for dry lips!

About Gingerbread Lip Balm:

  • Lip balm helps condition and moisturize the lips from the drying elements keeping them softer, smoother and more comfortable regardless the weather.
  • Rich formulation contains
    • Shea butter – conditioning, moistuzing, reduces dryness, film forming
    • Vitamin E – film forming, anti-oxidant, calming
    • Honey - soothing
    • Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves

C410035 White Tea & Ginger Body Care Trio

Includes our brand new – White Tea and Ginger scent!

About White Tea & Ginger Body Wash:

  • This beautifully elegant formula cleanses and soothes leaving the skin soft and smooth to the touch. 
  • Never dry or tight, this moisturizing formula also imparts an enticing fragrance to enhance your senses long after you wash. 
  • Get clean and stay silky soft. Creamy, moisturizing formula cleanses and soothes the skin, while allowing the delicious natural extracts to playfully unfold while you wash.

About White Tea & Ginger Body Cream:

  • This beautiful elegant cream will help rehydrate and plump the appearance of the skin leaving the skin moist, dewy fresh and smooth to the touch.    Inspiringly fragrant and beautiful the formula is designed to stimulate your senses and refresh and rejuvenate your outlook. 
  • Get hydrated and stay silky soft.
  • Creamy, moisturizing formula hydrates and helps soothe the skin, while allowing an enticing fragrance to playfully awaken and ignite your senses.

C410034 5 pc Flawless Finish Complete Foundation System

  • Includes (3) pc It’s Gorgeous Foundation System, High Definition Primer and Totally Tugless Makeup Remover


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Manuela will be back at ShopHQ February 7th 2014!

Happy Holidays!!