Announcing a Brand New Product: Matrixyl Advanced Glutathiosome-47 Body Serum

Announcing a Brand New Product from Isomers Laboratories
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Matrixyl™ Advanced
Glutathiosome-47 Body Serum

What is it?

  • Super charged hydrating serum helps support skin matrix integrity, dramatically softening the visual appearance of lines and wrinkles by addressing wrinkles in many ways(i.e. wrinkle density, volume and depth) for a visibly smoother looking skin.
  • It diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and helps restore the look of the dermal matrix, promoting smoother, fresher; firmer and younger-looking skin.


Why is it unique?

First to have Glutathiosome (this is huge in new skin care formulations)


Serum Formula Combining:

  • Select amino acids -> the building blocks of collagen protein
  • Micronized collagen -> anti-wrinkle and firming
  • Glutathiosome -> the most bio-available antioxidant and anti-aging element [very unstable and we have been able to harness its power in a unique isomeric-liposome enhancing the potential for skin care]
  • 48-hour moisture monitor -> all day moisture, for softer, moist skin
  • Caffeine -> ramp up the wattage on antioxidants and skin smoothing benefits
  • Argan phyto-stem cells -> precious cells to help kick start elastin, the key element within, that firms, tightens and fights “sagging”

Who is it for?

  • All skin types
  • Those who want to firm, hydrate and smooth the skin from the neck down to the toes


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