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Accelerated Recovery Complex Cream 55ml
Product Code: 133
55 ml/1.86 fl oz us /1.94 fl oz uk

What is it?

•Concentrated formulation provides intensive and effective skin firming and hydrating. Targets wrinkles, improves elasticity, overall skin clarity and radiance.
•An advanced formulation using revolutionary technologies that support the recovery (return to youth) self-renewal capacity of the skin and combats the look of chronological aging. Our exclusive formulation incorporates powerful rejuvenation actives to help protect the skin from skin aging stress, lift contours, smooth wrinkles and produce a dramatically younger, fresher looking skin.
•Accelerated Recovery Cream utilizes a number of key cosmetic-technologically significant  ingredients and has incorporated two enhanced skin systems, and a liquid crystal formulation/structure enhancing immediate and long term effects.

Who is it for?

•Accelerated Recovery Cream is designed to benefit all skin tones and types, but especially skin that has been subjected to stress due to seasonal change, environment and time.  Targeting the most common visible signs of aging.
•Those with severely dry, super fragile, delicate or damaged skin.
•For those that need Intense and long term moisture with intense ingredients

Why is it unique/different?

•Multi-action/ intensive action
•Proprietary blend using key Isomers chemistry – to unlock the skin potential

The key ingredients of the Accelerated Recovery Cream are:

•UGL Complex, with a restorative enzyme that smooths the skin, hydrates, promotes firmness and supports gentle exfoliation.

•Ascorbyl Glucoside, a non-cytotoxic time sustained skin identical form of vitamin C.

•Lipochroman-6, a very potent antioxidant which will not only help combat free radicals but helps protect skin’s collagen – important for keeping the skin smooth and young looking.  Collagen fibers give the dermis its structural integrity and properties. Collagen fibers give firmness to the skin and help prevent wrinkles.

•ULTRASOMES Micrococcus Lysate, containing the enzyme UV endonuclease, a restorative enzyme that helps support skin’s natural ability in recovery from various environmental assaults.

•Homeostatine, an extract obtained from Andean tree and from marine seaweed that is rich in Pentaglucoligosacharides and Galactomannans provides skin with elasticity, firming and moisturization.

•Matrixyl 3000, a collagen-smoothing, anti-wrinkle peptide.

•INVISASKIN™ Matrix Rebuilder O. Invisaskin is a delivery technology to maximize efficacy and hydration. Acts as a messenger to stimulate and support the skin’s natural functions.  The presence of this age defying peptide and goji berry glycoconjugate triggers specific natural intracellular messengers to up regulate desired cellular activities that tend to otherwise diminish with age. Study suggests dramatically increased skin elasticity and reduction of wrinkles.

•Liquid Crystals Delivery System, has unusually high water binding capacity providing an immediate and long lasting moisturization. Also acts as controlled delivery (slow release) of the key ingredients in a matrix since the molecules have to diffuse through a multilayer structure. Provides enhanced water resistance allowing for more durable and lasting formulations on the skin.