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Reno Genesis Youth d-Code Cream 55ml
Product Code: 1495
55ml/ 1.86 fl oz
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About Reno Genesis:

We’ve combined three products into one new powerhouse!  Reno Genesis is:

Renovage Youth Extending Serum +  Renovage Youth Complex Cream + Shadow Eraser + more!


What is it?

Powerful innovation to help skin help itself.

Imagine that… within our skin there are little clocks located within each skin cell that regulates aging and how the skin looks.  Now imagine that skin care scientists have come up with a support mechanism to help “reset” those clocks, thus promoting younger more vibrant looking skin. 

Well imagine no more… introducing  RENO GENESIS YOUTH d-CODE CREAM an exclusive blend that contains both telomere & sirt’uin youth proteins with phyto-cell (plant stem cell) technology to help our skin help itself to look younger longer and targets visible signs of aging such as lines; wrinkles; discoloration; dryness, firmness, elasticity and texture.  Let’s imagine beautiful looking skin, now open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at age-defying skin care.

Why is it Unique:

Combines complex of PhytoCell™Tecnologies (apple; rose, argan, grape plant stem cells) with Renovage™ (telomere stabilization)

Importance of :

phytocell™ technology

  • Power of regeneration Protects
  • Combats chronological aging; sensitivity; temperamental skin

Stem Cells:

  • Aging, UV rays and pollution all lead to reduced stem cell production thus fewer cells to do the necesaary work on the skin to keep it looking its best.  This leads to visible signs of aging or photo-aging of the skin.  Key is to protect the skin. 
  • Therefore need to protect stem cells from external factors

Renovage ™ is composed of Geranylgeranone (GGA) in a lipphilic solvent.

  • Provides anti-ageing and protective effects against stress,
  • Provides improvement of skin appearance

History of - Sirtuins and telomeres

  • Building organization: Just like when you build a brick wall, the bricks need to be in a specific, organized shape and order for the wall to be strong and not to fall.  These proteins regulate this on an ongoing basis
  • Naturally occurring youth proteins and cell supporting proteins that can extend the healthy life span of certain healthy living organisms. 
  • Longevity Studies :  Research now indicates that calorie restriction helps to increase life span in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (bacteria).  This calorie Restriction Promotes Mammalian Cell Survival by Inducing the SIRT1 Deacetylase. Aka sirtuins (sir-too-ins)
  • Cell Survival under stress:  Sirtuins are a class of enzymes that are found in a virtually every organism, including bacteria, plants and people.  As with all enzymes their job is to promote essential biochemical reactions inside cells.  They are part of a feedback system than enhances cell survival during times of stress (especially if that stress is lack of food). 
  • Cell Guardian:  More specifically, Sirtuins serve as guardians of the cell.  And it is in this capacity that we find benefits for skin care.  We age because our cells age. (Both inside and out)   Scientist now believe that how (i.e. the manner/ rate in which our cells age) is partly linked to the activity of sirtuins and telomeres.
  • Time Keeper - Clock that regulates aging: Many researchers think of Sirtuins and Telomeres as "clocks that regulate aging." As we age our telomeres shorten and sirtuin levels diminish.


  • Smoother skin surface
  • Firmness, Radiance
  • Skin Texture
  • Skin Tone - Superficial  Discoloration
  • Calmer skin – reduce visible redness