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NUTRITONE Micro Current Facial Beauty System
Product Code: 217
1 unit with 60ml Toning Serum
Carnosine + Complex: Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Glycation 30ml
Lip Firming Serum 15ml
Lip Shaper Pencil

Enriched electrolyte toning serum formulated to use with the Nutritone™ Facial Beauty System.

For external use only.

Help improve the look of your skin; target fine lines and wrinkles, overall skin luminosity of your face and skin with ISOMERS exclusive Nutritone Facial Beauty System. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the Nutritone Facial Beauty System uses a single hand held device with two probes to provide precise micro-current stimulation right where you need it. The Nutritone Facial Beauty System is a gentle rejuvenating system which provides your skin with gentle electronic stimulation.

The Nutritone™ system includes:
• Nutritone™ Facial Beauty System
• Nutritone™ Enriched Electrolyte Toning Serum
• Complete instructions and user manual
• 9 volt battery
• Warranty Card: a one-year limited warranty from Isomers Laboratories Inc.


Step fpr Success when using the Nutritone Unit

 A Quick HOW TO guide:

  1. Read through the manual carefully. It only takes a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this information before you begin.
  2. Remove the Nutritone Tool, Battery and Electrolyte Toning Serum from the box.
  3. The 9-Volt battery is wrapped with a clear covering to protect it while travelling and to retain its strength.  Before inserting the 9-volt battery into the NutriTone device , the plastic wrap must be removed.
  4. Remove the battery cover from the Nutritone Unit itself. This is where you will insert the unwrapped 9-volt battery.
  5. Insert the 9-volt battery, matching the large prong within the unit to the large prong on the battery head.  The 9-volt battery housing is designed to only allow the battery to be inserted in the correct configuration.  The fit should be snug but comfortable.
  6. Replace the battery cover on the unit and over the battery.
  7. Turn unit on using thumb wheel at side of unit.  Green light indictor on the front of the NutriTone Unit should come on.  If it does not, double check that 9-volt battery is unwrapped and inserted in the proper orientation.
  8. When the Green Light indictor is on, the unit is ready to use.
  9. Before using the NutriTone on your skin, you must dampen your skin with the Electrolyte Toning Serum.  When first opening this bottle, please remove the disc top cap and peel off the inner foil liner. Tighten the disc top cap to bottle and pour out the amount of product needed.  Apply the product to the skin and you are ready to begin your NutriTone Facial Toning program. 
  10. For more information on specific programming options or treatment areas, please refer to the (enclosed) brochure starting at page 1.  You may also contact us directly at contactus@isomers.ca


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