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Stem Genesis Shadow Eraser 30ml
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stem genesis
30ml/ 1 fl oz
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What is it?

  • Our exclusive combination of plant cell technology has resulted in this transforming skin cream which helps support an improved skin barrier function, resistance to environmental stress and a reduction of trans-epidermal water loss for radiant age resistant skin. 
  • Formulation helps support an improved skin barrier function, resistance to environmental stress and a reduction of transepidermal water loss.  All identified by ISOMERS as important for radiant age resistant skin
  • CELLabration™ technology is game changing skin care

Who is it for?

  • Sensitive. Dry. Combination. Everyone who wants good looking skin
  • Can be used by all skin types, especially skin that has undergone UV exposure, stress, and aging. 
  • For African American skin; it can help support more even tone and super hydrate to reduce the ashen dull look.
  • For Hispanic Skin, it’s a great way to enhance and support firmer, smoother skin without heavy oils or greasiness that weights skin down and may contribute to loss of tone or break-outs
  • For Asian skin, it can brighten and balance the skin, helping to regulate hydration and surface lipids (keeping oiliness at bay) while fighting agents that dull or make skin look uneven

Why is it unique/different?

  • Stem Cells from various plant and seeds have been incorporated in an exclusive powerful blend targeting on the many various pathways that untreated result in aged, lined and slacken skin.
  • Proprietary blend of phyto stem cells from apple, grape, rose and argan
  • Each works on specific pathway for overall radiance

           This technology is based on the unique totipotency of plant cells, that is to say:

- The capacity of every plant cell to regenerate new organs or even the whole plant
- The capacity of every plant cell to differentiate and become a stem cell

  • CELLabration™ Technology
    An Isomers Discovery which combines:
  • Isolated initial plant cells (world exclusive )
  • Specific octapeptide dermal smoothing technology
  • Exclusive / potent oxygen-radical scavenger.  This remarkable molecule can capture both nitrogen and oxygen radicals.
  • Apple Phyto cells – hope for damaged and aged skin
  • Alpine Rose Cells Flower - to enhance the skin barrier
  • Solar Vitis (Grape) Cells - protects epidermal stem cells against UV damage
  • Argan spinosa leaf cell extract to boost - Fiber Booster Plus Argan tree increases the production of the synthesis of dermis fibres, collagens and proteoglycans, made by fibroblasts.


ISOMERS® Skin Science Laboratories

March 25 2015

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES    www.isomers.ca

(These new products will be introduced to US customers on EVINE Live  MARCH  27th 2015)


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