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Pore Minimizer with Microsilver 30ml
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30ml/1.01 fl.oz.
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Purifying dermo-cosmetic serum

What is it?

A purifying dermo-cosmetic serum formulated to be intelligent,  knowing when and where to target oily zones thus helping to manage pore size, skin texture, skin clarity and skin moisture – for a total skincare experience. 

Pore Minimizer with Micro-silver is a clear concentrated serum designed to help refine the skin texture by addressing T-zone, oily patches and enlarged pore areas without irritation or dryness.  Helping to restore balance and calm for a finer skin texture and a calmer skin tone.

Why it’s important?  

Our skin is a patchwork of dry, normal and oily zones, depending on the part of the body, the density of the sebaceous glands, the exposure to external aggressions and each individual’s genetic make-up.  It is thus important to treat each zone in a highly personalized manner.

In the case of oily skin, the most affected area is called the T-zone, which includes the forehead, nose and chin.  The problem lies in effectively regulating sebum in the t-zone, without drying out the skin in the other areas.  One solution is to apply a product that mattifies the T-zone as well as another product to the rest of the face in order to replenish moisture.  The goal is to create optimal sebum to moisture levels in all areas of the skin / face in order to achieve balance and also to help prevent or manage pore size and visibility, the prevalence of black heads concentrating on T-Zone areas and often resulting dryness on the parameter of the face.

What’s the solution?

Simplicity is the key goal when dealing with problem solving skincare.  In the past, the two or multi step process to combat T-zones, oiliness, dryness and everything in-between could be daunting and confusing.  The solution – make the formula smarter so it knows what to do where and when.  This is what Isomers Skincare formula does when targeting the problem of enlarged and visible pores while also taking care of the surrounding areas of the face.

Isomers Skincare Pore Minimizer with Micro-silver Serum, our newest formulation combines micro-silver particles, zinc gluconate and mushroom extract to create an intelligent and responsible way to manage the different areas of the face just as they need it.

Isomers Skincare Pore Minimizer with Micro-silver Serum is intelligent as our technology in our formulation is so precise that it becomes activated only when applied to the oily zones.  i.e.  The way the serum is formulated to release key sebum regulating agents only when the skin needs it.

Skin benefits:

  • Reduce visibility of enlarged pores
  • Refine skin texture – skin looks more toned as pores become less visible
  • Helps to tighten skin surface (astringent activity) brings tone and tightness to skin surface helping to firm and even out skin appearance
    • Helps reduce the look of ruddiness caused by enlarged pores
    • Helps reduce flakiness caused by dry or over processed skin
    • Helps to balance skin hydration and moisture for a dewy look without a greasy shine.
    • Helps keep skin / make up looking fresher and more true to color
    • Helps support healthy skin pH and bacteria – important for moisture and skin calmness

Formulated with:

  • Affinisphere™ vegetal
    • Vegetal microspheres with an external matrix made of lipid chains, encapsulating zinc gluconate
    • Seboregulator - Targeted regulation of oily zones
    • Specifiically addresses oily zones
    • Anti-shine care for oily skin
    • Purifying care for young skin
  • Laricyl®
    • Astringent agent and skin moisturizer
    • Purified concentrated active extracted from the pulp of fomes officinalis, a basidiomycete mushroom that grows in Eastern Europe.
    • Immediate cutaneous astringency
    • Pore tightening, pore size reduction
    • Moisturizing
    • Helps give oily skin a smoother look with a finer texture
  • MicroSilver BG™
    • An innovative form of pure metallic silver, the product of more than 15 years of research at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.
    • has a long-lasting effect (time-release effect)
      • Antimicrobial effect forms an invisible protection at the surface of the skin, which quickly eliminates unwanted micro-organisms.
      • Regularizing and stabilizing effect on the skin microflora In an optimal concentration, MicroSilver BG™ does not destroy the skin flora, but prevents the development of unwanted micro-organisms
      • Anti-inflammatory effect, it helps to re-establish the optimal physiological balance of the skin microflora.
      • Strengthening effect on the skin microflora
    • Skin protection and calming
    • Reduces appearance of ruddy texture
    • Helps support / promote good bacteria
  • Puramex Zn-- Zinc Lactate
    • A zinc salt of natural L-Lactic acid, produced by fermentation from sugar.
    • sebum control and regulation of skin surface oils