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PUR Life SC High Intensity Serum 55 ml
Product Code: 4545
55ml/1.86 fl oz
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What is it?

    PUR Life SC utilizes powerful plant-derived stem cells and plant growth factors in high intensity concentrates.  These formulas help boost, promote, protect the appearance of skin vitality to help restore and preserve a more youthful look.

    Put the appearance of life back into your skin.
    Like fertilizer for your skin.
    Defence system formula for a more youthful look.

Why is it unique?

    Formulation that employs a high concentration of bioactive molecules that are derived from the plant stem cell or plant growth factor culture media.
    Is innovative, exclusive and proprietary.
    Incorporates advanced & cutting edge phyto- stem cell technology to derive specific and specialized plant growth factors.
    Rigorously researched and utilizes actives identified for their specific and specialized function; its ability to help restore and maintain the appearance of the youthful, luminous glow that vibrant skin should have.
    Unique usage: Unique protocol for success…
        HIGH INTENSITY INTERVALS --  One approach to support the level of active skin rejuvenation is to routinely – i.e. –intermittently - boost your regularly skin care routine with the intensity that Pur Life SC has to offer, in its super-saturated high concentration.

Formula Benefits:

    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as a result of enhanced collagen appearance.
    Improves the appearance of age spots and evens out the look of the skin.
    Reduces visible skin roughness.
    Improves the appearance of skin texture and elasticity.
    Improves the look of skin smoothness and tightness.
    Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    Replenishes and protects the skin's moisture barrier for a more lifted, fimer and toned looking skin.
    Hydrated skin provides an ideal moisture environment.
    Supports normal skin cell turnover, increasing moisture levels and the appearance of firmness.

Exclusive complex formulated with:

    Gardenia Stems GX™
        Triple targeted enhance of the appearance of skin collagen
        Multi-level support of the appearance of the skin collagen
        Targets the appearance of collagen loss
        Restores moisture balance
    Leontopod Stems GX™
        Visible wrinkle filler
        Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
        Targets the appearance of collagen loss
        Visible Firming and restructuring effect
        Targets enviromental stressors
        Defence system for a more youthful look
        Reduce skin dryness and dehydration
        Decreases the appearance of skin ruddiness
        Enhances skin glow
        Helps support normal skin cell turnover
        Promotes hydration
    Rubistem (Centella Stems) GX
        Fights visible signs of skin ruddiness
        Effective and intense moisture relief for unifed looking skin
        Fights enviromental stressors and  oxidative attacks on the skin
        Targets the appearance of skin ruddiness
    PhytoCellTec™ Alp Rose
        Increases the appearance of  skin vitality
        Boosts revitalization
        Improves / supports skin moisture barrier function
        Helps skin cope with climate changes
    PhytoCellTec™ Argan
        Strong hydration support
        Reduces visibility of wrinkles
        Tightens and tones the appearance of skin
        Increases the appearance of skin firmness and density
        Vitalizes the look of skin

Formula Visibly Targets:

    Loose looking Skin
    Dry Skin, Thinning Skin
    Crow’s Feet, Pronounced Laugh Lines
    Age Spots, Photo-aging
    Deep wrinkles
    Loss of Elasticity

Who can use it?

    Anyone with visible signs of facial aging, uneven skin tone and mature skin.