Suggested Routines

Defy the Decades:
Outsmart Aging from your 20’s to 60's

General Routine for Younger Skin:  (20’s to 30’s)
Focus – Damage Control:  stress. Lifestyle, genetic and sun exposure all play a role in the rate at which your skin will age.  Proper cleansing; UV protect; anti wrinkle.  Fine lines, stress fee, skin balancing. 
  • Cleansing is important at all ages, especially in your 20’s.  Taking off makeup might fall by the wayside, especially after late nights.  Try not to neglect this important skin care step, which keeps pores from clogging and prevents acne that can cause difficult to erase scaring in the future.
  • Also not too early to protect against damaging effects of the sun, a primary cause of premature aging.  Use anti oxidants and collagen boosters to keep skin youthful.
  • If you take care of your skin as suggested; you can expect a youthful glow elasticity, even skin tone and very few lines and wrinkles, but this will only last if you take the necessary skin care steps.

      Key products from the Isomers line…

  • Facial Foaming Cleanser or Australian Harvest Cleanser
  • Fast Lift Eye Serum
  • Copper P Concentrate
  • Matrixyl Wrinkle Defense Serum
  • Matrixyl Wrinkle Defense Cream
  • Sunscreen With UV Pearls
Pro Tip:  protect your eyes from premature aging, with one touch concealer and tinted moisturizer

General Routine for Anti-Aging: (30’s)

Focus:  Wrinkle Repair.  Skin firming. Skin Hydrating. 
Focus:  Women and Men, active lifestyle, results oriented skincare – fast n easy

Continuing with the clean – hydrate – sunscreen routine you started in your 20’s is important and really you should never stop doing this.  But by the time you are in your 30’s you will need to ramp up your skin care by suing a specialized treatment formulas that focus on revitalizing and increasing collagen levels.  After 30 you start losing collagen and if you know what formulas to use, you can be ahead in terms of beating the aging process...  Also loss of elasticity starts in the early 30’s so this also needs a boost.

      Key products from the isomers line…

  • Australian Harvest Cleanser
  • Synchronizer
  • One 3000 for Eyes
  • One 3000 for Face
  • Desert Youth 4x
  • Sunscreen UV Pearls (day)

Pro Tip:  protect eyes (eye lid dryness and crow’s feet) with concentrated eye serum.  Always use SPF in sunscreen and tinted moisturizer in daytime. 

General Routine for Anti-Aging (40’s)

Focus: Reversing visible aging.  Preventing further aging. Loss of volume - Increasing skin density, deep wrinkle repair, prevention

The 40’s marks the beginning of facial fat loss, which affect the cheeks, causing them to flatten and descent, which in turn causes bunching at the naso-labial folds and around the mouth.  The longer you wait to address this, the more sagging you will end up with and the more work you will have to do to bring it back.    To counteract fat loss or volume, look for formulations that support skin density, fight inflammation and can be adaptogenic to what your skin needs. 

      Key products from the isomers line…

  • Australian Harvest Cleanser / or/ Double Duty Cleanser (dry skin)
  • Synchronizer / or/ Daily Exfoliating Serum
  • Stem Genesis Concentrate (day)
  • Stem Genesis Shadow Eraser (day)
  • Sunscreen UV Pearls (day)
  • Retiniacin (night)
  • Re-Densify (night)
  • Hand Cream with Retiniacin

Pro Tip:  Focus on lips – scrub, maintain volume and plumpness, and protect against dryness and UV damages.

General Routine for Mature Skin (Suggested for ages 50+, but not limited to)

Focus: Skin tightening. Skin firming. Anti sagging. Menopausal skin, Hormonal aging

In the 50’s lose skin may start occurring around the jowls, and any past sun damage may become more fully apparent by 50.  Skin loses luster and brown or red spots become more apparent.  Cheeks may lose yet more volume and smile lines become more noticeable. 

If you employ the right skin care – as in sun protection; preventative formulas; you’ll be looking great at 50.  Investing in formulas that help your skin look better over time. 

In your 50’s focus on volumizing, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  Smoothing skin from expression lines; reversing sun damage and keeping skin tone even.  And, if excess chin fat and loss of jaw line are evident then a dedicated treatment to keep the face contour in shape. 

  • Double Duty Cleanser (night)
  • Australian Harvest cleanser (day)
  • Wrinkle viper / or/ AHP-15% (day)
  • Renovage (day)
  • Sunscreen UV Pearls (day)
  • Retiniacin or Synchronizer (night)
  • Ceramide Pro Lipid Serum (day )
  • R Pur for Eyes (night)
  • R Intensive Serum (night)
  • ONE Hydra Fix and/or ReDensify (day)
  • Neck & Chin Firming Cream

Pro Tip:  Keep skin hydrated day and night.  Keep the cells full of moisture to help them transport nutrients to build skin and eliminate toxins that dull skin out.  More intensive treatments are needed to kick start the skin and keep it going.  Don't wear heavy make-up or opt for quick fixes, damage at this age may not recover – be careful of what you use on your skin.

Suggested Routine for Mature Skin (60+)

Focus: Skin tightening.  Skin firming. Anti sagging.  Menopausal skin, Hormonal aging

In your 60’s we see a lot of cording in the front of the neck and increased jowling along the jaw line.  We suggest that you continue with your regular skin care routine and increase the intensity of the formulas or deeper acting treatments (boot camps).

  • R Pur Intensive Serum  (once a year)
  • Accelerated Recovery Cream 14 night intensive (1-2 times per year)
Pro tip:  focus on the eyes – wear soft focus concealer and tinted moisturizer to take focus away from wrinkles.  Keep lips soft and full looking. 

Suggested Routine for Acne

Focus:  Clear skin, acne / breakout free; pores clear and clean; pit marks and scars reduced; skin even in tone and texture
  • Australian Harvest Cleanser (day)
  • Retiniacin optional - (night – if scaring or skin is discolored)
  • Pore Minimizer (day)
  • Daily Exfoliating Serum (night)
  • Daily Control Serum (day)
  • Daily Control Cream (night)
  • Sunscreen UV Pearls (day)
  • Enzyme Peel Serum – 3 times / week

Suggested Routine for Pigmentation

  • Australian Harvest Cleanser (day)
  • Retiniacin (day and night)
  • Vitamin C Serum (day)
  • Sunscreen (day)
  • Double Duty Cleanser (night)
  • Daily Exfoliating Serum (night)
  • Retiniacin (day and night)
  • Skin Brightening Complex (night)

Suggested Routine for Sensitive Skin

  • Red Relief or Pro Lipid Ceramide Serum (day and night)
  • Copper P Concentrate (day)
  • Age Immunity (day and night)
  • Sunscreen UV Pearls (day)

Suggested Routine for Sagging Skin: Intensive 1 – 2 times per Year

  • Accelerated Recovery Serum (night)
  • Skin Stacker or Redensify Face Firming Cream (night)
  • Sunscreen UV Pearls (day)

Suggested Routine for Dry Skin

  • Double Duty Cleanser
  • H Pur 100 Advanced or Pro Lipid Ceramide Serum
  • Moisture Extreme
  • Antarctine - cold weather protect
  • Moisture mask
  • Sunscreen UV Pearls (day)
Suggested Routine for Youthful Eyes
Focus: entire eye contour, firm, brighten, tighten, refresh
  • D Puff Eye Concentrate
  • Fast Lift Eye Serum or ONE 3000 Total Eye Care or R Pur for Eyes
  • Make Up Remover (night)
  • Eye Peel (night)