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APRIL 2014

Hi Manuela, I  want to  thank you for your integrity and expertise on the amazing all in one products ……. Please continue to bring us the cutting edge products. A

Dear Isomers Skincare:
I want to sincerely thank you for the dedication and expertise you obviously work so hard at in giving me finally a skincare line that both works like a miricle and is affordable. I am disabled yet I too want nice skin that is both youthful and as good as it can be without resorting to invasive and expensive procedures. I discovered your skincare line recently at Shop HQ and I purchased a variety of your products and saw results the very first application. I can only imagine my vibrant results will multiply over time and continued use. I have tried so many skincare lines over the years and had a plethora of products, some very expensive, for one little tube sitting on my bathroom counter. Not now as I am getting rid of most of them to make room for my Isomers product. I love the simple packaging and REAL results. I too believe that what is in the bottle is much more important then the pretty packaging and advertising. I also watched Manuela and how she is truly passionate about Isomers and her expertise in skincare intrigued me. Being disabled and 55 years old my skin now glows. I want to sincerely thank you as my quest for a good skincare line is now over as I have been introduced to the very best! I have no wrinkles and the few issues I had are clearing up. I am mistaken for being in my 30's!!! Thank you soooooooooo very much and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Isomers. Being disabled severely with a rare disorder and your line giving me real results is saying a whole lot about your products and how they really do work. Thank you Manuela for your work and passion of good skincare. You have truly changed my life in such a positive way. I am now an Isomers lady for life.  M


Hello... I am a new Isomers customer and at the present time I am using the Accelerated Recovery serum followed by the Stem Genesis Plasma 200 and then lastly the Stem Genesis shadow eraser. That is my nighttime routine and in the morning I omit the ARC and just use the other two. I am extremely happy with the firming and smoothing results of my present routine JO

I was just about to ask for another all in one and you had it today!!! Thank you. I am always asked about my skin and the answer is "ISOMERS". I will be 59 this year and don't look it. No botox, no facelift. Just Isomers. I tell ladies, if you want over the counter skin than use over the counter products. Ahh, then they get it. PC

I am a long time fan, using your products daily since the Karen Connelly days, appreciating the education about the ingredients, liking the fact that people are always complimenting me on how good my skin looks, guessing I am younger than I am. The bottom line is I really respect and trust your skin care line. ……Thank you for your commitment and dedication to keeping us looking younger. We look forward to next visit. Sincerely, C.

Wow!  What a great visit from Manuela.  She looks amazing, is a brilliant scientist, a gifted presenter and fun, too.  I tune in just to listen to her talk about the science.  Since, I too, have a science/medical background I like to understand what exactly is in the formulas and what I can expect from the products.  It is much more satisfying to buy products with results-delivering actives than ones in pretty boxes. I really liked the "Isabella Derma" pictures.  Thanks to Isomers, my skin looks nothing like the "projected image" for my age.  

My inventory now rivals your warehouse stock !!!  Happy Spring and thanks for all that you do.

Warm regards, CC

I use nothing but your products for my skin for year now. Love them and you

I was just about to ask for another all in one and you had it today!!! Thank you. I am always asked about my skin and the answer is "ISOMERS". I will be 59 this year and don't look it. No botox, no facelift. Just Isomers. I tell ladies, if you want over the counter skin than use over the counter products. Ahh, then they get it. PC

Hello, I've used Isomers for almost as long as Manuela has been on ShopHQ.  I do like the products…….  I will be 67 in Oct. and have been told numerous times how nice my skin is, but my fave is 'you don't look like you're 67.'  I do have to add that I've never smoked and do use sunscreen.  I appreciate the quality of your line.  It is hectic and very stressful living here.  Your products certainly help to keep the stress from showing on my face and eyes!  Thanks for all the great products.     JH

I bought this product in my quest to find the "perfect" self-tanner.  I quickly found out that my search was over.

I have tried and used many, many different self-tanners over the years.  I can say without a doubt that using Isomers Tan Trick results in the most beautiful tan shade on my skin of any of the self-tanners I have tried.  In addition, I don't have problems with it streaking, or tanning unevenly, as so many self-tanners do, (no matter how carefully you apply them).

Yes, I know many self-tanners use the same active ingredient as Tan Trick uses, but for some reason, I find this formulation of self-tanner produces a superlative tan color.

Also, many of the other self-tanners, as they work on your skin, produce an unmistakeable "self-tanner"odor (and the cheaper the self-tanner, the more pronounced the odor).   Isomers Tan Trick  has no odor whatsoever when applied, and as it works, I find it virtually odor free, a huge plus.  Lastly, but certainly not least, I know I can trust that the Isomers formulation is good for my skin, since it is made by a leading skin care company.  I really love this product. L R.

I have been an Isomer's customer since 2005. I am 62 years old and my favorite is Copper P Concentrate. Please let me know when that will be offered again. DD

Thank you very much for your great products! ……Will the Copper Serum be sold at HSE24 Germany again/in the future? At the moment it is out of stock ... (it's my favourite product). Kind regards, DR

MARCH 2014

Went to my longtime friend/esthetician yesterday for my yearly facial.  She asked me, if I was still using Isomer products.  I said that is all I use now.  She said I looked great.  Skin tone, firmness, elasticity, clarity, all there.  Couldn't believe how good my neck area also looked.
Then she asked me, if I shaped my own brows.  I said no.  Again, I have a longtime friend/brow shaper (if you will) that I go to every two weeks.  She said they looked nice and full.  Here is the interesting part.  Every AM/PM cleansing, I cocktail my serums.  When I apply, I go over my whole face ,to include eyebrows and eyelashes.  In the past couple of weeks, I thought my brows, were looking exceptionally nice.  When my friend made mention of it yesterday, I knew it was not just my imagination.  DM

I'm running out of my All-In-One Complete Face Firming Serum (I purchase from Shop HQ .. I've been a user of Isomers for over 10 yrs.) As of today, this item is sold out. Will Manuela be bringing it back to Shop HQ? I really do not want to be without this serum. Thank you!

I wanted to tell you how much I love your new shampoo, conditioner and shine products. Thank you for creating them. CM

Hello Isomer, I am new to the brand maybe 30 day's now. I got the TTV W/ the Katina Blend and i'm in love. Nothing has ever worked like that for me in my life. Are you going to bring it back in a bigger size? I'm 55 yrs young & I need that eye serum every day to keep my eye's looking amazing. I'm going to try more products on the next visit.

Hi how are you…I ordered from them (TVSN)  and love your products as they have been the only thing I have used that has made a difference to my skin and I have tried many products over the years so am stoked to have finally found something that works……. Sincerely grateful, J


Hi. I have bought some of your skin products recently , and found the Daily Exfoliating Cleanser just brilliant ! I am 73 , and had developed some rough spots over the previous couple of years. I have tried many products on my dry skin . Your product is wonderful, and after only using it for 5 days , my rough patches have almost vanished . Thank you , JY

Good day to you!  I thought I would let you know that I have been following Manuela’s cuticle/hand advice.  I now have no dry skin “splits” on my cuticles, no hang nails......things are looking up!    CB

 I love your product I have been using them for many years. I tried other products that were really a bad change for me I stared using Isomers again and within a week I can see a big change in the texture of my skin and it feels really soft. Thank you  JP

Hi there, just had to let Manuela know that I have absolutely fallen in love with her Daily Exfoliating Face Cleanser With Tea Tree Oil, the Glutathiosome-47 C2C Serum and especially the Katina Eye Formula. The texture of the Katina is so fabulous, I had to put it all over my face as a cream. I love your products !!!   KS

Hi Manuela, I discovered you on ShopHQ, you just amazed me with your knowledge on skin care. I just love on your products and believe me I have plenty. ……The information that you explain in detail about the science and how to use the product is so informative. I could just sit and listen to you all day long.  MO

I'm a product woman and have tried pretty much everything and find that your products have the best results and also offer the highest level of active ingredients out there on the market. ……I love sharing the word about great products that make a difference and truly work - there is so much out that that is just hype/full of fillers and other things that we don't need. Thanks for continuing to offer exceptional products. Thank you, H


Manuela, Thank you for the past 8 years that I have been using Isomers, and ALL the years before that. I have no idea what my skin would look like without it. I love my TTV of Copper P and H Pur 100. They are my 'boosters', my plumper's! I used to do each serum by itself, I loved to feel each one seep in my skin, but now I am doing a slurry with a dash of Copper P. My sons also use C. P. for ingrown hairs or if they shaved too close, and I use for minor skin irritations, or small kitchen burns! I am finding the Copper P to be JUST what I needed- really, and the H Pur- WOW! I mix a slurry of my creams with a dash of H Pur. I am STILL using Wrinkle Viper, and remember the day it was launched- hahaha- I LOVE MY ISOMERS! xx ps. Can not wait to try Katina.

 Using Isomers has totally changed my skin ! MD

 I tell everyone my story. I always had bad skin, oily enlarge pore, sun damage, etc. Isomers has done wonders for my skin and I tell people that they are going to see results in a months time, but the best part is the longer you use the products the better you keep looking. So instead of aging as we are supposed to do with time, Isomers continues to improve your skin and you look better and younger as the years go by. I think that is amazing. I also want to thank all of you for Top Values, Bonus sizes and sale prices, it is greatly appreciated. PWK...........I  have at least 80% of your products and look better now than I did 10 years ago. Just got the Top value(2), the matrixil bonus size, the R pure combo and the make up

I saw you on TVSN and got a couple of your items. Gee, it has only been a few days and had to write to you. Firstly the way your product was packed unbelievable just the best. I have never written to anyone but this I am noticing change. I have had many products over the years and most let you down just hype but yours not only from packaging but the seals on each bottle so you know it is tamper safe then gee the actual product. Yep, seems so top quality. Now a few days only at this stage can't wait for a few weeks to see the results. I have never in my life taken the time to write about anything before and would like to thank Manuela for her being on TVSN and explaining so well for me to even think of buying and,  most of all,  top self stuff. K.H., AU

 I love your specials so much, got a special credit card I use exclusively for Isomers.I've learned the hard way thou to jump on your Wednesday Specials as soon as I get the emails.You always sell out FAST!   Your fans really appreciate the QUALITY products!Thanks,  AR       Your customer service is the TOPS too!

 Hello Manuela & team …I have seen an improvement in my skin since I have started using your product. ……..I am in the medical field and am so intrigued by your research & product. Amazing! Thank you for all you do to help us age gracefully. Sincerely, PB


Excellent thank you! I'm a big believer in your quality skin care. People can't believe I am my age and I attribute this to your products and rave about them! Some people get hung up in dept. brands and I told them - read the ingredients!!! I love that your products generally have the most active ingredients within the top 3 on your list. Very rare!   H

It's time for me to reorder my Australian Harvest Daily Control Cream with Tea Tree Extract ……. I've been using this cream for over 10 years and it has saved my skin  RB


I am a 47 year old African American that has been using your products for over a year. They are great!  ML

I just want to say how impressed, pleased & satisfied I am with your products. Every time I go on ShopHQ and do a review I always give 5 stars.  Thank you for your products, they are great.  DW

Hi, just wanted to ask you to please please please never stop making the Moisture Mask. I have incredibly dry, sensitive skin with eczema. I have used almost everything under the sun;  from  prescriptive skin care creams to costly and cheaper skin care items. I have skin that flakes non stop! I tried your Moisture Mask and the first thing I noticed was how good it felt on my skin. Then, for the first time in ages my skin felt comfortable. I use it often and it is the best thing ever. I now notice that my pores look smaller. So again, please do not stop making it!!! and thank you!!!!   CB


I have been with her since the beginning.  I use no other skin care.  And I am always wanting to know the next new discovery for anti-aging and wrinkle products so I can keep my skin as young looking as possible. Thank you.  GH


Just wanted to say that I have been using your products for years now and I have tried other products, but always go back. Your Perfecting Lotion and Hydrafirm Plus are the best skin care products I have ever used... Please don't ever discontinue. I think the products should be front and center in your presentations, as they are amazing... Thank you  DM

Please supersize your hair care products!!   They are incredible.  Thank you.  KH

I have been using your H Pur 100 Adv. and it is so amazing. I have never used anything that absorbed into my skin so completely. I am 65 but have very oily skin……….I watch you on shop NBC and I appreciate that you explain everything rather than just say buy this or that. Thanks for all you do. And your honesty.   CK


I appreciated your trip to wait on ordering the "black label series".  Even though I was on vacation, I tuned in to see Manuela.  I ordered that kit plus the "Big Deal"  All-In-One kit.  Those deals were fantastic.  

Please tell Manuela she looks amazing.  She has the most magnificent hands I have ever seen.  I imagine she rubs all of the Isomers products into her hands during formulation and they obviously benefit.  She is my inspiration.  Many Thanks to you, my friend.  CC

I love love love love love your shampoo, conditioner and smoothing serum thank you for all your products.  love ya  RM

JULY 2013

Love the vitamin C wrinkle kit you have.  Even my plastic surgeon asked what I'm using on my skin :)…..>DH

First of all, I want to commend you on your products that I discovered on ShopNBC.  This is the only skincare line that actually works for me . SA

Hello Isomers! I have been using Isomers for at least 15 years………. One of the items in my regime is the Acetyl Hexapeptide 15%. ……this is truly one of the main serums I use daily as well as the Fast Lift Eye Serum. I am so afraid of being without a back-up! (That also goes for my fast eye lift) ….. I am so honored to be part of a team that has so much integrity and no fluff in your brand. That's why my skin looks so good and always getting compliments on my complexion! Thank You.   TS

I just finished a bottle of Isomers R Pur for Eyes ………I have been using the product for over a year and it is amazing how it has improved the look of my eyes and diminished the fat deposits under my eyes that were HUGE.  Amazing product.  Thank you Manuela so much for creating it.   TS


JUNE 2013

Dear Isomers Team

 I want to thank you for creating such AWESOME products that work!

After years of trying several (and I mean SEVERAL)  products, I'm glad I found Isomers. I'm sure you've heard testimonies from women who've had chemo and, the skin just isn't the same afterwards. Well I’m one of those women. Hospitals give us a manual with names of over the counter skin lotions that DON'T WORK of course and in my opinion damage (dry) our skin even more. I was always a tan/olive color and when the treatments were all over with; my skin had an ugly grayish tint. I had dark colored finger joints and a black ring on my neck! Horrible and embarrassing. 

Two weeks into Isomers I had three compliments about how radiant my skin looked. Given I had been off chemo for four years, these were the first compliments I got about my skin. The black ring on my neck cleared, my hands lightened up, and my face to me looks radiant. My skin has NEVER looked this good, and in about two months into Isomers, I was amazed. My husband began to notice the change in my skin and he too began to try Isomers. His coworkers asked him if he had Botox:0. That got him sold on Isomers!!LOL!

With much appreciation,  Your loyal customer, RG

Manuela, I bought the 3 piece Today's Special Value from Shop NBC when it was your new launch of the Amino Complex Series or Re-lift for face, Re-tight and Exfoliator's both for the neck and they are simply AMAZING. I just had to write to you here at Isomer's in Canada and hoping it gets to you because I just cannot thank you and your husband enough for all the hard work you do to make so many of us look beautiful. I have never had a serum that actually is changing my face so drastically. The skin on my face and neck after JUST 8 days is already so much tighter and more defined - it is absolutely shocking! My husband who never notices those things has commented on how my skin has changed so much 3 times already. I am in awe and can hardly wait to see what it looks like in 30 days. I will be 58 June 24th and haven't looked or felt this good about myself in years. SH

I recently purchased the Amino Complex Trio (re-lift Amino Face serum, Re-New Triple action amino neck & décolleté Exfoliator, Re-Tight amino firming neck & décolleté formula), Nutritone Facial Beauty System with Problem solving Serums (Wrinkle Viper, Fast Lift Eye Serum, R Intensive serum and Copper P concentrate) and Acetyl hexapeptide-8 15% Expression Line solution.  I love these products already...I was amazed at how different (excellent) my skin felt after only one application!!!  All I can say is WOW, I want the whole experience!   KH

May 2013:

…..Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today and I hope you get this message.  ……. As I told you I am 55 years old and use Isomers and believe that the products I have chosen have assisted me with continuing to appear younger than I am.  I would love to be a model for Isomers as beauty can be timeless if the products used continue to enhance ones skin.  RA


I've been meaning to share the results of my Isomers cocktails on the company's Facebook page and website forum for quite some time now. Like all Isomers fans - I've seen extraordinary results in the health and appearance of my skin (I'm 42 and still get carded when ordering a glass of wine), but I think that the benefits of Isomers cocktails for hair care are under-acknowledged.  I'm African-American with relaxed hair.  I receive daily compliments on how lustrous and healthy my hair looks.  Every evening I massage a cocktail of Copper P Concentrate, H-Pur, Matrixyl Advanced Glutathisome Body Serum, and a drop of rosé hip seed oil (to seal in the moisture) into my damp hair, focusing on the scalp, length and ends.  I place it into a bun or two, wrap it up in a silk scarf and allow it to air dry overnight.  My mid-back length hair looks and feels like textured silk in the morning.   KB


Manuela, I bought the 3 piece Today's Special Value from Shop NBC when it was your new launch of the Amino Complex Series or Re-lift for face, Re-tight and Exfoliator's both for the neck and they are simply AMAZING. I just had to write to you here at Isomer's in Canada and hoping it get's to you because I just cannot thank you and your husband enough for all the hard work you do to make so many of us look beautiful. I have never had a serum that actually is changing my face so drastically. The skin on my face and neck after JUST 8 days is already so much tighter and more defined - it is absolutely shocking! My husband who never notices those things has commented on how my skin has changed so much 3 times already. I am in awe and can hardly wait to see what it looks like in 30 days. I will be 58 June 24th and haven't looked or felt this good about myself in years. You said that day on Shop NBC that you will be giving us new skin and you really did that for me!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! This line is the most amazing line of skin products I have ever used in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I also just want to say that you touched my heart so much when you introduced your loving husband and showed pictures of your son's. You looked so in love and so did your husband and I could see the love for your son's. It really touched so many I know that day and it truly touched my heart seeing you so in love with your beautiful family. Thank you so for sharing, it meant a lot to get to know the person behind the name. What a beautiful family you truly have and Manuela you are such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you again for all your hard work to help so many!          S.H.

 Dear Manuela & Patricia,  Unfortunately, I was unable to get through and give a testimonial  last week. I started with Isomers when I was 58 yrs. old. I just turned 75. I recently went to see my dermatologist for a checkup. She is in her 30's and has gorgeous young skin. She looked at me and then checked my age and said, "you had a facelift". I then told her I have done nothing but use Isomers. She then told me that I should tell women I had a facelift when they ask about my skin. I asked her why I should lie and she then said, "you must understand women will hate you and so will I when you say it  is because of your skin care. My age is usually guessed at between 52-55. I think this is great, especially since my son just turned 50. This is due to Isomers.  M.L

Just a note to say thank you.  I recently purchased your BB cream. I've tried many bb creams, but all have either been too thick or broke out my skin or were an odd color. Isomers bb cream is amazing! I mix a tiny bit of the bb cream with my favorite tinted SPF, and now I no longer need any foundation. Great product. Thank you.    G.H


I've been meaning to share the results of my Isomers cocktails on the company's Facebook page and website forum for quite some time now. Like all Isomers fans - I've seen extraordinary results in the health and appearance of my skin (I'm 42 and still get carded when ordering a glass of wine),  but I think that the benefits of Isomers cocktails for hair care are under-acknowledged.  I'm African-American with relaxed hair.  I receive daily compliments on how lustrous and healthy my hair looks.  Every evening I massage a cocktail of Copper P Concentrate, H-Pur, Matrixyl Advanced Glutathisome Body Serum, and a drop of rosé hip seed oil (to seal in the moisture) into my damp hair, focusing on the scalp, length and ends.  I place it into a bun or two, wrap it up in a silk scarf and allow it to air dry overnight.  My mid-back length hair looks and feels like textured silk in the morning.

Also, it is my opinion that Deo-Dry is the best deodorant ever. Please consider including a half-ounce size in all of your Discovery Kits.  

 I never bother with foundation anymore.  I use Isomers BB cream, a swirling of bronzer, a touch of Matrixyl Radiant Touch to highlight between and beneath my eyes  and a dab of One For Lips.    K.B.

Manuela and Isomers team,
I want to send a special thank you for the new vitamin c kit. I bought the kit before it was a TTV and the results I am seeing from the %15 serum are immaculate. My skin is so firm and bright, I use the serum at night because to me its such a wonderful treat and treatment base. I use my vitamin C&E during the day. Once again, Isomers has out preformed other braggers and the me too companies. Isomers has out done themselves.

Please Please super-size the vitamin c cleanser. You were right it is now my favorite! I now have 12 OZ of it I'm going to need more!! I tend to use it day and night! I looooove this cleanser! I do not have the words for the awesomeness of this cleanser! Thank you! Thanks this stuff rocks!     K.S.


October 2012:

Dear Manuela, I am writing to you to provide feedback regarding your products. Within the last four years, my skin lost its texture, color, and luminosity, but I did not understand the root cause of these issues. I bought several skin products from other manufacturers, yet my skin did not return to its former vibrancy. It wasn’t until I watched you this year during Isomers’ anniversary program on Shop NBC in the United States that I began to understand the underlying cause of my skin problems. As a result of your training and guidance, I was finally able to identify my multiple skin issues. Your guidance was critical because without it I would not have been able to identify those issues. Based on her recommendations and event pricing, I purchased several Isomers’ products. Those products addressed enlarged pores, ruddiness, and sagging skin, which I did not think that I had prior to your guidance. Once using Isomers, my skin’s texture, color, and luminosity began to return. I am astounded that each of these issues resolved within a few weeks, which I did not feel was possible, nor did I realize these were the issues that affected my skin. Also, many products give me acne, but Isomers does not. In summary, I wanted to thank you and Isomers for offering training, along with reasonable product pricing, as well as having created results-oriented products. Best regards, Kathy B.


August 2012:

T.S. writes:

I had my eyes "ruined" by an eye cream I purchased off the Internet. I developed terrible puffiness. To me my eyes were grotesque. My eyes looked so old. I have tried many different eye creams and serums to correct the situation and reduce the huge puffiness that had developed. The puffiness looked like big bags of water, with a lot of crepiness. My eyes looked horrible. I thought they were ruined for life. Nothing I tried made a difference and I tried everything. I saw Manuela on Shop NBC talk about All in One Eye Serum. I thought what do I have to lose. I tried it and within a short period of time, I started noticing a decrease in puffiness. I have been using it for about a month or so and the change has been amazing. I call it a miracle. My eyes are looking normal again. I still have some puffiness, but I believe within time that too will disappear or diminish significantly more. I can't say enough about this product. I will never be without it. Buy All in One Eye Serum it can only improve your eye appearance whatever it may be. Isomers really works.

April 2012:

Samm from Australia posted our first testimonial for Relysage ~ Thanks Samm!

I just have to jump in and say that the Pore and Imperfection Liberator has been heaven sent! I was using the Ceramide ProLipid up until now but then this product came along and has absolutely taken redness control to a whole new level. Truly amazing. I'm not even sure what ingredients are helping with the redness since I usually react poorly to Salicylic Acid and Retinyl Palmitate but not with this. So happy :D

I ordered it on the first day of Manuela's presentation at TVSN so I've been using it for about 5 days.  And I don't think I've ever seen truly visible results on my skin with any product before like I have with this one. I hope everyone else has a similar experience.  I've used Isomers since Manuela came to TVSN so I've definitely been very happy and impressed with the brand in general.  But nothing I've tried so far can compare to the immediate results I got from the Relysage Imperfection Liberator.  I am floored.


FEB 2012:

Love the new copper peptide cream

Hello all, just wanted to share my wonderful experience with my new favorite cream ,the copper peptide cream,received from the last show,wow!! Was already using some great products...arc line,all in one line,stem genesis...but have been using this face cream along with the copper serum(another favorite) for the last few days and my face has a glow and looks more plump!! I know this was offered a long time ago,don't know why it was discontinued...but i hope that they always carry this product or even offer in a larger bonus size(I know it may be too soon).I have been using isomers since last 2 yrs and am very happy with the results. Isomers changed my combination acne prone problematic skin to a normal skin that always has zero pores and a healthy plump look!! I am 37 yrs old,of course no one believes it, they think maybe early twenties,so thank you isomers!! I have complete faith in your products and know that I am getting the latest techs available!!! Thank you,Ritu.



Hello, Manuela -- I have been impressed by you, your presentations and your products as shown on The Shopping Channel, and have bought your Vitamin C & E High Potency Serum several times in the past. I do prefer it to the Cellex C serum that I used for decades and it doesn't oxidize like Cellex C does. (Cellex C smells really bad!) I will admit that , while I always faithfully used anti-ageing products in the past, and that I have been very good about sun exposure since the mid-sixties, and that I have been very careful with avoiding free radicals, I did go through a rough patch during the past two years and neglected myself quite badly. Anyway, recently at age 62 the effects of side sleeping on my left side for a lifetime became horribly evident. While my right cheek and jaw still maintains most of the plumpness and firmness of youth, my left side no longer did. Furthermore, the left under eye and upper cheek area became alarmingly crepey. So...I decided to get back to using your C & E Serum -- treating only the left side. After only a few weeks, what a remarkable difference! Thanks so much for your products! I am very grateful.




JAN 2012:


Just wanted to say thank Manuela and crew for the Clean and Clear system. Started using is last week and this week my face is CLEAR! I am a 42 year old man and have had an issue with adult acne. My old products were no longer working and all new products strip and over dry. I have been an Isomers user since 2008 and love the products. As a man I appreciate the no fuss application and neutral fragrance ( or lack there of) easy and powerful. I was fearful the painful acne I had as teen was returning and your products have saved my self esteem. I wish I had this when I was 15. Again, thank you so much. You guys rock! Keep up the good work!




I'm with the isomer Body Cream very pleased - as with any other isomer products as well. It's only once a shift, if you used previously very rich Body Cream or Body Butter. But the perseverance is worth, because to me by a rich body creams often impurities are formed. This is for me with the isomer-Body Cream is no longer the case, will continue to stay tuned. Big praise for the pleasant, unobtrusive presentation. The products are explained in great detail and comprehensible. Desires with other isomer products, particularly against rosacea. I hope that next year isomer wins the Beauty Star


DEC 2011:

Hi Darius and Sarah,
I've been using ISOMERS and it is an amazing range...I was prior using a range that was quite costly and then switched to ISOMERS after listening
to Manuela's passion to bring us high tech skincare for amazing prices! I am able to repurchase without taking out a loan...
I have emailed Darius many times and he is full of knowledge and this is shown in their products and the results I have seen since using their range!! I even order direct and they have an amazing hair tonic and I have had great results!!! My skin is hydrated, plump and even toned...My favourites is the stem genesis(my eye lashes actually grew back), the new matrixyl range,and the cleansing system...Who am I kidding all the products are amazing and have a purpose!!
I Love that Manuela and Darius are the first to come on and tell us that they are actually working  on the underneath layers of our skin and not just on the surface!! They use real people in the before and after -like me and the results are AMAZING!!! Like Manuela says she was taught to clean where people dont look-so ISOMERS fixes/repairs what we can't see
with the eye!!
Thankyou Darius and Manuela for your hard work,
I'm an ISOMERS girl forever... Take Care, Stephanie xx

NOV 2011: Fatima:


Good morning, I use to be an old customer of yours, and recently became a new customer again. I hate to say it but I stopped using your products because life got in the way. In the past two years, I lost my mom and had to help both my two children and myself get through it. The worked on starting my own bakery. So while I was washing my face every morning. I pretty much would half do it at night. Anyway, I am getting to why I am writing you today. About two weeks ago I purchased your three piece complete system, the retinicin (sp?) your eye peel, your d-puff and your eye serum that goes with the 3 piece system and used it faithfully for about 8 days. My skin wasn't horrible, but it was getting worn. If you look on my website at the spot I did for NBC, you will see the dark spots under my eyes and how tired I look. Well anyway. Yesterday, I was talking to a co-worker who was very close to my face and she said. I don't mean to interrupt, but there is something different about your face and your eyes look amazing!! She said I am so sorry. Very embarrased, because she though she insulted the way I looked before. I ensured her that that was fine. But she said you look incredible. I told her what I was doing and told her about Isomers and she said if it made me look like this after 8 days, then oh my goodness I want to try it. I am going to be 41 years old in March and I feel amazing that I was able to catch and turn my skin around before it got to late. Thank you so much. I trust me, I won't be straying again.

Jody posted on Isomers's Facebook Wall.


"COPPER P my new best friend. had a red, itchey rash tops of hands, elbows,wrists,chest and recently started going to knees.Dr gave me some cream, used the whole tube did not do a thing. I used hydrocortisone..nothing... Then started using tea tree oil. My hands were so dry I put copper P on to sooth them. all the redness started going away so started using it 2-3 times a day. I am all clear as of today!!!! Thank you Isomers!!!!"


From Joyce - her isomers story:


 I have been an avid and sole user of isomers products since Manuela and Darius were aired on Value Vision (I believe in 1995).  At that time, I was 46 years old and began using the introductory products that consisted of a four-piece system, including the NRG Serum.  At that time, both Manuela and Darius consistently appeared on air, together, as a team.  One of my vivid recollections was Darius's presentation of the firming lip serum with before and after photos on a lap top that he brought on Value Vision.   I also remember when Manuela was pregnant with her first child and couldn't appear on air as she was close to her due date.  Darius appeared on his own while Manuela was at home and spoke on air via telephone.  Value Vision then changed to ShopNBC.  I am now 63 years old and, of course, have added many new isomers products to my inventory as they were introduced over the past 16 years.  I continue to stock up whenever I can and use at least 22 various isomers products.  I do have a daily and evening routine, but alternate products from time-to-time. As Manuela has always said:  Dance with your skin.  I couldn't possibly use all 22 products at the same time, so I apply each of these products on an interval basis. 

I have, today, purchased the launch of the advanced matrixyl serum and moisturizer duo that aired on ShopNBC, so I also plan on alternating these with my other isomers products. 

I will continue to only use isomers products and thank everyone for bringing this wonderful and effective skincare system to all of us at such affordable prices.






As a forty-five year old woman, I have in the past tried a number of skin care ranges with various top selling brands. Three weeks ago, I purchased several Isomers Skin Care products after a showing on TVSN with Manuela (CEO, Isomers).


I have been using these products for three weeks now and not only have I noticed the difference to my skin tone, texture and facial lines, but my husband, several friends and work colleagues have also noticed the improvement in my skin. So much so, that several women are now purchasing Isomers Skin Care range. I am walking proof that I have discovered the “Fountain of Youth” (ha ha).

Thank you Manuela, Isomers and TVSN.


Mrs TT, AU



March 2011 - General


I have been using Isomers since it was launched at TVSN and am absolutely thrilled with the results.

I'm in my mid-50's and can honestly say that my skin has not looked this good for 20 years !!!!  The texture of my skin has improved incredibly - open pores and fine lines have literally disappeared.  My skin glows and looks "plump" and healthy.

Thank you for producing such incredibly consistent, high quality skin care at very affordable prices.  I can't thank you enough Manuela - I had become very cynical about skin care - a lot is promised but not much delivered!

However Isomers DOES DELIVER.

Sincerely yours


Hobart, Tasmania




March 2011 - SNAPBACK


I've only been using Snapback for a couple of days but it's already started to make a significant difference. I've tried so many different products on my 11"s hoping to find something that would get rid of them outside of Botox. A cocktail of One Freeze and Matrixyl 20% helped but didn't show results like this. Looks like Snapback has started to beat the muscles between my brows into submission. The 11s are significantly reduced...I think by 50%. I don't think Botox will be in my future! Can't wait to see what they look like a month from now.

YM (canada)


Hi Y...,
I'll back you up on that.3 days in and i am seeing a significant smoothing out of laugh lines, under eye wrinkles and around the lip lines.Combining that with eye redensify and getting great results for such a short time.  I wish the eye redensify came in the same packaging as the Snapback.......I love the new twist pump it is easy to control and delivers just what you need.

Lori could you mention this to Manuela and Dariush.  2 great new products,Thank you for these.


March 2011 - RETINIACIN

You should receive a beauty award for your “Retiniacin Age
Diffuser” product because it is a spectacular! I think quite frankly
it is much more difficult to see strong results when your skin is in
pretty good shape and I have seen results in one week.  My little
nephew said to me with wide eyed honesty, “Why does everyone think
you look so young and talk about how pretty your skin is?”  I was
floored. (Dykie)


I want to share a story with you (you can pass it on if you like)! I am a member of a social meetup up group, we have about 1,000+ member who range in age from about 22 - 70 years old and we have quite a few "splinter" groups. One was formed the other week for sushi fans and I joined it. I then received an email from the women who organised the group nicely telling me that the group was for 40+ and older and she didn't think I was yet old enough!  I replied saying "thank you, I just had my 61st b'day on Feb. 2nd"!!! LOL!!! This happens ALL the time thanks to Isomers...!!! C.



Well this testimonial is regarding the PORE MINIMIZER Refining Complex.

WOW!  I can't say it loud enough.  Another awesome product made by Isomers.

I have been using this product for a month now and faithly been putting it on morning and night.  My pores are literally 'half the size' they use to be.  I am so so so happy, I tried this product (Nice suggestion Patricia).

You know what the best thing about this product is?  It stays in your skin and keeps the pores 'tight' all the time.  Other products that are offered on the TSC for minizing pores (which I have tried) don't even come close to the Isomers Pore Minimizer product.  The key difference, you ask?  The pores don't enlarge back after you wash you face at night.  They all claim (and they are true when they say it) your pores get smaller once you apply the product BUT it only lasts for the day until you remove your make-up.

ooooohhhhh but NOT Isomers!  Yupeee!

I found something (again) that truly works.  There's no doubt in my mind now, when Manuela explains how the product works - she's telling the down hearted truth.  Isomers products not only works on its own, but also enhances the effects of other beauty products that I use and like - Now that's a effective beauty product.

Once a person tries the product - What can I say "Beauty is in the bottle".  Question is: How fast can you reach for it and start using it.

I've never looked so good.

I highly recommend that Isomers include the PORE MINIMIZER Refining Complex in every ShowStopper and BlockBuster on the TSC.  This way, the product never goes 'overlooked' and people who never considered using it, is just going to be 'wowed'. 

Minimizing the pores on your skin can't help but make you look better and definitely have smoother looking skin.  Heck of a good start to looking young, in my opinion.

Thanks once again Isomers!

*Big Kiss*


I am using the 3 new products, Decadence, Retiniacin, & the Eye Peel, only products I have added to my skincare routine!!! This morning I noticed the sun/brown age spot on my left temple ... lighter color & smaller in size. I put on 2 different strengths of readers & my 10x magnify mirror. Also went outside to look in the sunlight. Definitely .. a positive change .. the one on my nose which was smaller .. NOT THERE!!!! I couldn't even find the one by my right temple area. The one by the corner of left side of my mouth ... little change ... I know I am not delusional!!!! Checked the pictures I had taken of my skin 2 weeks ago & definitely there!!! When I have more time, will take pics of the improvement .. OHHHH ... My hands look improved also .... whatever I put on my face & neck, I rub the excess on my hands .... The large brown spot on my left hand is lighter & smaller .. & that BABY was huge... I can not BELIEVE in less than a week of using thhese 3 products ... I have this kind of results ... But .. evidently .. they are what I needed to jumpstart what I have been using ... ( I put the eye peel on my temple areas also) .... Anybody else see such fast results????

All I can say is that: MANUELA & THE TEAM ... I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you so much for offering these products to us & the prices were great ... Oh ... I haven't started the R Pur for face yet, b/c need to finish my Intensive Serum @ night.

... *doing the happy dance* & come join me .... Ellen

                  I thank you for being at TSC and bringing us the most wonderful products that really work and which my face benefits from them every day. I have to tell you that I was an "xxx girl" for many years but when Isomers came on TSC, I tried one of their products and the results were great......
                   There is no comparison, as Isomers' Products were the total opposite.  Isomers works and delivers each time. And all creams and serums are absorbed by my face instantly and that is most important.

                    I wish you and your whole team, Manuela and her husband, a Wonderful & Happy Holidays. GR

I just started the shadow eraser last week....I also have used the new mineral clay mask 2 x......So i hit my head above eyebrow about 2 months ago and had a lot of scar tissue,i probably needed stitches but didn't go,any way tonight i noticed that its not sticking out and just about GONE...I am AMAZED!



Hello Manuela I didn't want to send this compliment through the TSC because I wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH personnally. Last month I purchase the serum booster pack ($36) and have been using it ever since. My skin has gotten so much better. It's beautiful. I use the serums morning and night and my 'deep' wrinkles under my eyes and on my neck are hardly visible. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I can't believe how fast it (I saw changes after 2 weeks) worked on my skin and it still continues to work with Elysse products I use. This pack was and is truly amazing! Your serums ALWAYS go on first. Thank you so much for putting the set of serums together. I hope you continue to present the pack everytime you go to the TSC. Other people REALLY NEED TO TRY THIS PACK OF SERUMS. My friends ask me what I'm using for my skin because I look in my 20's and NOT my 42 yrs of age. Even the men at work look at me when I walk by and I know they don't know my true age. I can't stop smiling, thanks to you and your husband for starting up Isomers company.



Just had to tell you that I received my bottle of STEM GENESIS YOUTH SCULPTING CREAM and I just love it. Also, some time back I purchased a big bottle of ACCELERATED RECOVERY CREAM WITH LIQUID CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY and in the last couple of days I decided to use it. Again, I love it...it gives such a soothing sensation to my skin. So right now, let me remind you that I am 75 years old and I use STEM GENESIS in the morning after my ONE INTELISOMES. Then I use the 3000 SERUM and then the ACCELERATED RECOVERY. I change off as my skin seems to tell me and in the Winter I use also DESERT YOUTH. I love all your products and people tell me I do not look my age.Thank you.

i've been using Age Immunity since the first time it visited shopnbc (by the way, anyone notice pricing is cheaper to order it directly from isomers, compared to snbc's 'everyday' price?) and i LOVE it. i know i recently said i can't tell what to attribute to which product anymore, since i use so many and my skin is in decent shape. well, this age immunity seems to have added a super luminosity to my skin, especially around the inner cheek and forehead. i can't explain how it's done it, but it seems to be something my skin needed...so it has that luminous moisturized look now. by luminosity i do mean that the light is reflecting back from those areas markedly better...not in a glitter or shimmer way, i don't believe there's an ingredient in here for that, which is more amazing to me!

i do love that it has ectoin, as well as the resveratrol ferment in it! i'm really amazed


Hi Manuela,

I just had to send you a note.....I wanted to call and speak with you on ShopNBC, but didn't get the opportunity....

I have used your products fro about a year or so, and like the "Prodical Son", I strayed off to venture onto other products....for the last six months or so, I have continually purchased products, and used them, and returned them, with not satisfaction on it's results....

Well, you were recently on ShopNBC and your Top Value was a three-piece firming kit.....I wasn't watching, but (can you believe this one), my husband was "channel-sufing", and happened to see you on ShopNBC...he called me into the room, and said to me, "Look, isn't that the stuff you used to use all the time...the stuff in those small brown bottles? I said, Yes, I don't know why I quit, I liked her products.....he said,,,,,"You need to go back to her stuff...it really seemed to work for you....why don't you order two of the special sets, not just one, so you have enough to last you a while? Stop ordering and returning all that junk you've been getting, and go back to this lady's stuff....

Can you believe it? My husband had become so familiar with your "small brown bottles", and he must of noticed results, at least enough to mention you and your products, and encouraged me to not only order one, but two of the specials your aired with that night!