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JULY  2014

Just want to say thank you for your speediness with my order. I first tried your BB Cream when i purchased it from ShopHQ and have been loving it ever since. i like this cream because it is not tinted and it makes my face look great. i had purchased two bottles from ShopHQ but i was almost out of the second one. Please continue to make this cream. Again Thank You CJ

JUNE  2014

Hi Isomers Crew,  I have been using ISOMERS for 10 years THIS summer! I believe because of ISOMERS my skin looks good for almost 51 ;)   LS

Katina Blend Eye Formula is my new favorite eye cream.  I have been using it about a month and I have seen a noticeable difference in my eye area--much my hydrated and toned.  Love this stuff and won't ever be without it! PD

Already seeing some results and am very happy.  God bless you both and your very special skincare.  I have been using Isomers since day one on , I think it was ValueVision then. There was only one time that I slowed way down due to financial difficulties. I will never stray from this line and will always support Isomers.  CC

Last Friday I received my shipment of the 5 products (sold on ShopHQ) which included the new Gommage Therapy for Body product.  WOW!  This is just a fantastic new product.  I love it!!!!  I have been a long term Isomers client for close to 10 years now.  I have just about everything and use it faithfully.  The Gommage product is really fantastic…..My best to Manuela and all her staff at Isomers Laboratories.  CB

Hello Manuela and Isomers, I'm a fan of Isomers Re-Tight Amino Firming Neck and Decollete Formula. I love it because after I applied it, it made my skin feel sooooo soft and smooth. ……..finishing with the Re-Tight Amino Firming Neck and Decollete Formula would leave my skin looking flawless and feeling like a baby's skin ;) I look forward to hearing from you. EG

Thanks so much for the incredible customized service and direction in the use of Isomers products!  I absolutely love Isomers, having used them for 5 years or more. Take care and your service is bar none the BEST I have experienced from any company. S

I am enjoying my many Isomers products. Being disabled and in a wheelchair some of the time I still love to have beautiful skin. After trying countless products I have finally found a product line that really works....Isomers. Again I thank you and Manuela for the science and customer service you provide which is second to none.  MK