Temporary dryness when switching to Isomers products

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We've had some comments/questions in regard to customers experiencing dryness when switching to Isomers products. We hope the information below helps you better understand why this is temporarily happening, and how you can solve it:

The more oily, heavy or anyhdrous products that you put on your skin the lazier your skin metabolic processes will become. You are basically teaching your skin to stop producing oil as it is always getting a signal that it is too oily. So if you have made your skin too “lazy” you cannot just jump the process and change to Isomers. You need to change gradually.

Look at it this way: if you have always used your car and never walked your muscles are not in shape to go for an all day walk. So although walking is the right and healthy thing to do, if you suddenly stop driving and walk all day your muscles will be exhausted and unhappy. The same is true for your skin.

Reduce your heavy, oily, anhydrous based products gradually to a minimum and you will see how happy your skin will be by the end of the process, and especially around your eye area. Serums and light products do not cause puffy eyes where oily and anhydrous products do. If you initially see more winkles under your eyes with light serums after switching from another product it is because light serums do not superficially clog your skin and make it puffy (suffocating your skin in the long run will make your skin look much older). The firming from Isomers products comes from retexturizing the skin, improving and supporting the collagen and elasticity not superficial plumping.

For the best transition, use a blend of half Isomers and half old product. Slowly increase the Isomers ratio each day/night until you are no longer needing the old product. Before you know it, your skin will be energized and performing properly for a healthier skin.

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