The Best Way To Apply Skincare

April 19 2022

The Best Way To Apply Skincare

The Best Way To Apply Skincare

What comes first? The serum or the cream? What's the best way to apply skincare? What about makeup and sunscreen? Where do those fit in?
So many questions. Thankfully we have the answers!

Think of layering your skincare like baking. You need to follow the correct order to get the best results! Make this your ultimate guide to the perfect skincare routine.

Step 1. Cleanse

We hope this is a no-brainer, but some of you may question why you need to cleanse both morning and night. There are two main reasons why.

  1. To cleanse the skin of dirt, debris and build-up of dead skin cells and/or excess oil.
  2. To prepare your skin for the serums and creams you are about to apply.

If you are on the search for a multi-tasking cleanser, try ISOMERS All-in-ONE Total Daily Cleanser. This is suitable for all skin types and can be used morning and night. It helps ensure that the skin is pH balanced and ready for the next steps.

Total Daily Cleanser

Step 2. Apply your serums

Serums are normally a liquid-like consistency. They can range from water-like to almost like a thin lotion.

A serum may be specific to an area, such as the eye zone, or for use all over the face. It may be designed to target one or multiple skincare concerns. This may include lines, wrinkles, photo-aging, redness and sensitivity, acne and breakouts.

Ultimately, the goal of a serum is to treat and correct aging or acne by feeding, nourishing and supporting the skin. These are workhorse formulas that use essential skincare ingredients.

How do you choose the best one for you? Good question! Base your search on your main skincare concern. Look for the essential ingredients that will target your issue. You may search something like “what are the best ingredients for skin brightening.” This will lead you to the right products with the right ingredients.

What if I have multiple skincare concerns? Can I use more than one serum? Yes, you can layer your skincare serums. We suggest applying no more than 3 serums. Mainly because you do not want to overwhelm your skin. And because you want some focus on your skincare routine.

The good thing about serums is that they are generally multi-functional. You may only need one to get the job done! For example, a vitamin c-based serum will target photo-aging, lines and wrinkles, collagen support and provide anti-oxidant protection.

Step 3. Protect and Hydrate

Now we focus on creams! This step can be a bit tricky because this is about moisture and skin protection (i.e. sunscreen). If you want to apply skincare like a pro, follow these steps for the best results!

According to the Clevland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio, sunscreen is one of the best defenses available to prevent your skin from aging. It is an important step in all skincare routines.

Applying your sunscreen in the correct order during your skincare routine, will depend on the sunscreen you choose. If you are using a chemical sunscreen (i.e. with avobenzone or octinoxate), apply your SPF first, followed by moisturizer and then makeup. If you are using a sunscreen with a physical block (i.e. with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide), apply your moisturizer first, followed by SPF and then makeup.

Sunscreen is there to protect your skin against UV damage. When applying sunscreen, apply a thick enough layer to fully protect your skin.

Your moisturizer will help hydrate and protect your skin from other environmental stressors. Moisturizers also act as a barrier to seal in all the serum goodness!

An ideal protecting and hydrating moisturizer is ISOMERS TriActive Microbiome Restore. Made with pre, pro, and post biotics to support the overall health of the skin.

TriActive MicroBiome Restore

Your skincare routine does not have to be complicated. It can be simple, fun, and as easy as 1-2-3. The key take-away from this is to follow the correct order when layering your skincare. We’ve curated a simple chart for you to follow. The right order will give you the best results! Download below.

Download here

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    I always wondered what to apply first, moisturizer or the sunscreen. This helps, thanks!

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