ISOMERS Signature Retractable Lip Brush

C$ 15.00

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1 x ISOMERS Retractable Lip Brush


The right tools make all the difference in the world; as skin care specialists, we understand the importance of the right tools, in this case, the right brushes, to make make-up application flawless and the results wonderful.

Made of synthetic hair – this brush allows for appropriate application of all lip products from glosses to lipstick.

Professional quality brush for the lips. Tip is designed to be technically perfect and precise. Use to apply all sorts of lip products, from lipstick to gloss and to line and define the lip area. Retractable tip makes it easy to use and take with you.

Brush Care:

  • Lather some neutral soap in your hands, and gently rub the brush hairs into the foam.  
  • Rinse hair under lukewarm water for a short time; avoid getting the ferule and handle wet.
  • When hair is wet, shake off the brush instead of squeezing out the water to protect hair shape.
  • After the first few washes, some of the dye from the hair can come out a little bit if hair is dyed.

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