The i-team : OUR FANS

Isomers is a lifestyle and it is multi-generational, too. Smart, well-informed consumers of all ages and races enjoy passing on their knowledge, excellent skin care habits and confidence to family, friends, colleagues and co-workers.

Our more than 100,000 clients range in age from 20 to over 80, and they love to dispel and defy age-old beauty myths. They thirst for knowledge about ingredients and formulations. They want to understand what is in each product and how it works. They also want to feel comfortable that they are getting top value for their money.

At Isomers, our clients have a direct voice. We practise "beauty by democracy", that is, we directly respond to our clients’ needs and concerns. Their concerns are our concerns, and we are interested in their ideas, questions, comments, issues and requests.

Clients confirm again and again that our sophisticated products, designed to strategically combat the visible signs of aging throughout a consumer’s lifetime, really do work. They also find our products easy to use and understand.

And we go further still. First, we give our clients ongoing new products that they ask for. Second, we inform and educate them to make savvy consumer decisions. We’re an organization that is high on self-sufficiency and self-care.

Our loyal clients have been with us for years and their numbers continue to grow. They've found products that work and a science-based organization that is transparent, and always keeps them up-to-date and moving forward.

Expert Science, True Ingredients, Proven Results