While at university, Manuela grappled with assorted skin care issues related to her face and body. As she was unable to find anything effective on the market, our first products were developed to address her specific needs.

In fact, our original laboratory was Darius’ bachelor apartment, and our very first skin care product, well; it was concocted in Manuela’s mother’s blender. As budding scientists, we believed that specific isomers or molecules in conjunction with certain herbs would have a synergistic effect. Turns out we were right.

Others began to notice both the visible changes to Manuela’s skin and her buoyed self-confidence. They marveled at the results, and one by one they asked what products she was using. Thrilled to hear that the products were indeed ours, we got a never ending chorus of “OK, this is embarrassing but… I have never been able to get rid of this…Can you do for me what you did for you? ”

And so in 1988, we “unofficially” launched Isomers from our studio apartment. We say unofficially because we had no business plan or any funds for marketing and advertising. But what we did have was the experience of knowing how devastating skin problems could be, how hard it was to get real useful information or products and the ability to create them ourselves, and a seemingly endless parade of folks with similar experiences who were turning to us, the experts. And so, we continued to invent products to help them.

As you can appreciate, we were brand new to this, and we did not have a marketing budget or a big corporation backing us up. (As we fondly remember we both worked full time and studied and took the money we earned to buy the ingredients and bottles to make the products. We were that committed. We still are. ) We had to prove the efficacy of our products with the product itself – not the hype of a supermodel or marketing campaign. So we took the approach that the formula must speak for us, be our advertisement our resume, in our absence, it had to be good and work. It was that simple. We were not going to have the opportunity to market or brag about our products so our products would have to do it – we had to design them in a way that no matter who used them they would be happy and really see and experience just how good their skin could become given the right tools and information. We were the tool makers, the information source.

And over and over again, with each passing invention and each new isomers fan we saw that we were doing what we set out to do, change your skin, one formula at a time. People were thrilled with their results and told us so. These loyal fans, then, spread the word to family and friends, and Isomers grew and grew. Today, the company is revered as a Canadian icon.

Since onset, our traditional values and modest roots focused us on quality: world class innovation, cutting-edge ingredients, exemplary customer service and a delivery system par excellence. Our success is directly tied to these same values.

Expert Science, True Ingredients, Proven Results