we started

The best way to determine the future of skin care is to invent it.

Darius Majlessi & Manuela Marcheggiani started Isomers Laboratories in 1988 in his bachelor kitchen using a common blender. As budding scientists, they believed that specific molecules (or isomers) in alliance with certain herbs would have a synergistic effect. Turns out they were right.

The science of skin is about only using true ingredients that you can trust
We are ingredient mavens who are interested in and challenged by your evolving skin care needs. All our ingredients are chosen, tested and retested. Each one freshly made in small batches and only composed of the highest caliber.

is/so/me community
We are a skincare community that listens to you. United by stories, strengthened by voice. Because at Isomers, we’re all in it together. Tag us on Instagram and use #Issome for a chance to be featured on our social channels.