ISOMERS can change your life! We have received stories from many people whose lives have been dramatically altered by the power of ISOMERS products.

Lynne, USA

May, 2017

By the way, I will be 70 in September.  NO ONE can believe it.  My son says I’m in some kind of time warp because I haven’t aged much in the last 15 years.  Thank you for your amazing company and research.  I have lots of little brown bottles in my cabinet and they are the reason I don’t even have enlarged pores or neck wrinkles!!  My skin feels like a baby’s bottom and frankly, I look good. 


Arleen, USA

May, 2017

I purchased the Smooth & Correction Trio.  OMG!!! This stuff is incredible.   I have not had to use the Wrinkle Viper for Expression lines yet.  When I use the Deep Crease Correction Cream (OMG!).. I smooth the cream in an upwards motion  - by day two it had reduced my forehead horizontal lines significantly.  What the heck!  My Sister in Chicago gets Botox for that!   Wait until she sees me, she is going to think I am getting Botox!  LMAO!.  Arleen


Kimm, TX, USA

Apr, 2017

Thank you for making the snail peptide, I am not sure what it is about it, but, it makes my skin radiant!!! I hope you do not stop making it anytime soon, as some customers do love it. Glowing. Radiant. Skin.

Beth C, Owensboro, KY

Apr, 2017

I watched the shows on Evine for about a year before I purchased Isomers.  The reason for the delay in purchasing was that I had used a lot of skin products from cheap to very expensive and had no luck at all with any of them.  The most expensive "Dr." skin care actually made my face hurt.  I woke up in the middle of the night because my face was burning, not tingling, but burning.  I washed my face and vowed to try Isomers because everyone raved about it. 

I took a chance and bought several kits and marked April 13, 2016 on my calendar.  I wanted to track the time it took for me to see a difference in my skin (if there were any).  I emailed Isomers with what I had purchased and had a routine sent to me by Heather Closs.  You have gold star customer service I must say!  I didn't tell anyone that I was doing anything new. I used the products as directed and in about a week and a half I thought I could actually tell a difference.

But one day my husband came in the room and sat down beside me.  He said "what have you been doing, I know you must have been doing something because I've noticed for a few weeks that your skin looks so dewy." Now I have known him for 30 years and he has never said dewy before, he does compliment me but NEVER has said anything about my skin. 

This was May 9, 2016 because I also marked it on my calendar as a celebration day.  I told him it was Isomers and he said "it works".  Now, I know I needed something and he was right. I am 53 (will be 54 in November) and I have been through menopause and it ravaged my skin.  Slowly, I felt like my face was getting lost and I had no idea who was in my mirror.  But after that statement from my husband I purchased more products, and even use the shampoo/conditioner. I use the Deo-dry because Manuela is right, when you go through menopause you do get funky/stinky. It is unreal, but with Deo-Dry no more!!! 

I started with the All-In-One kit, Deep Crease Correction, Glutathiosome Eye and Face serum, Re-Densify Face Cream, Re-Lift serum and have graduated to the Copper P (stocked up on bonus size this weekend) plus many more products, all WONDERFUL and have NEVER hurt when applied. 

I do have another date marked on my calendar, it is December 12, 2016. That is a day when I had a routine test and the doctor was going to be using X-ray as part of the test. He came in the room and asked "is there a chance you might be pregnant, because we are using X-ray and that could be harmful."  I said no quickly and he said "how can you be so sure?" I told him because I am 53 and had been through menopause. He said " I thought you were 35, 36 tops. I thought they had the wrong birth year down for you".  He then looked at my husband and he verified that I was 53. The doctor kept saying "You look so young!"  By the way, I had no makeup on.  

So, I am happy, healthy and an Isomers customer for life.  I am so grateful that you tell the truth about your skin care, you know what you are doing and you encourage questions and education by putting your phone number on every bottle!  These are among the many reasons why Isomers is so successful. Thank you from an Isomers Addict!!!



Apr, 2017

Thank you for Isomers Products! I received this shipment and glad to get it! Isomers products are magnificent and do exactly what Manuela says they do and even do more! My skin gets compliments every day! I am very lucky to have access to Isomers! Thank you again! I will be watching the Evine show for sure! Isomers Forever


Mar, 2017

I ordered the Antarticine cream because I do not use moisturizers because they are either oily or pill up after dried. My skin was becoming angry so I took my chances with this cream. I have to say it is the best moisturizer I have ever used. I can't say all the good things about it because there are too many. I have been a loyal other brand user for 5 years and did incorporate some Isomers. But at 55 years and changing skin, I believe Isomers is formulated and works for me 100 percent better than the other brand and I am now so happy to only use your line. And I'm very excited to finally find things that truly work in all aspects… I turned my daughter onto the ultimate super skin…She loves it so much that she said she will eventually not have to use full coverage foundation. How exciting for her is that? Thank you


Feb, 2017

Hello!! I LOOOVE the Isomers stem genesis eyelash ehancer (OMG my eyelashes are SOOO LONG now)...I was raving about the product to my sister who has sparse lashes and wanted to give her one of my tubes...Thank you so much!!

CL, .

Feb, 2017

I have never had a shampoo and conditioner (Revive) that works on my hair like this does. It's the first time my hair has been able to grow and be strong and healthy!


Jan, 2017

Just wanted to express appreciation for the hair products that have transformed my hair. Have used the revive shampoo, conditioner, boost and scalp treatment for about 2 months. Started using isomers and today my hair looks great. I did purchase the shampoo and conditioner on auto delivery with Evine. Please continue making these product…. Thank you for your products!  PS Manuela's hair looks fantastic, and much fuller too :)

C. Haugan,

Jan, 2017

A little over 3 years ago, I was unhappy with my skin. I kept flipping by Isomers on whatever the name of the network was at the time. I didn't know anything about the cable network or Isomers and to tell you the truth I was skeptical and thought it was expensive. I noticed a fall seasonal kit that I felt wasn't too badly priced. I took a chance and ordered it. I saw results for the first time in years. Like many of you, I jumped around from one line to another. I ordered everything under the sun. Anyway, since that first kit, I have been hooked and I have never looked back.

H. Harris,

Jan, 2017

I put together an Isomers kit as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend whose skin was very weathered and within one week he's noticing incredible results...now he's hooked like I am...yeah.

Debra W., NY

Dec, 2016

Fast Lift was the first product I used about 17 or 18 years ago and kept going.  I love trying new Isomers products and look forward to seeing Manuela on her visits to Evine.  When I was 58, my father’s neurologist thought I was in my 30’s.  Sagging skin is my biggest problem now and it does make me look older at 61, so it’s always good to hear when Manuela addresses that issue.  Still,  people don’t think I’m 61.