Why we are Skincare Powered by Science

January 05 2022

Why we are Skincare Powered by Science

Why we are Skincare Powered by Science

The Beauty of Skincare Science

One element of the work we do that we are proud to say separates us from other skincare producers, is that we root everything we do in the science. And that’s because we love it! Skincare science, aka cosmetic chemistry, IS our passion. It’s our guiding light; it’s been with us since the beginning, and it will always be what spearheads us into the future. It’s everchanging nature is what motivates us – it keeps us on our toes; we’re never done learning, never done improving, and never done finding new ways to help you achieve the happy, healthy skin you desire.

This may be starting out like some sort of love letter to cosmetic chemistry, and it sorta is, but let’s move on to the blog stuff now, shall we?

What we’re talking about today is kind of like a framework for thinking about and understanding skincare products and ingredients. Our hopes as a brand are that we can share with you even just a little slice of that passion we have for the science behind the skincare formulas we create. We believe if that you understand the science behind what makes a safe, effective, and good-for-you skincare product, you’ll be more equipped to make the right decisions for your skin and get the results you’re after!

We Want What’s Best for Your Skin

For us, this is what it comes down to at the end of the day.

We want you to have the right information, to help you make the right decision, get the right skincare products, that will show the right results on your skin! And this doesn’t apply solely to Isomers products – we believe in our formulas wholeheartedly, but whether you find what you need with us or with someone else, our main focus is that you have the necessary information to make those decisions.

So, if I were to sum up that ‘necessary information’ into a few short words, it would be something like “follow the science”.

A Last Word on Clean Beauty

Ah, Clean Beauty, the shining example of sneaky marketing and scientific misinformation that perfectly explains why it’s so difficult to understand what is ACTUALLY good for you and your skin.

We’re not going to get too into Clean Beauty today – we went in on that whole topic last week (check it out if you haven’t), but here’s a quick rundown.

So, when companies promote their products as Clean Beauty, what they often mean is that the ingredients they use are natural and organic. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well it’s not – you have to remember that the use of these words is for marketing purposes ONLY! There is no regulatory body that tests the “cleanliness” (see how stupid that sounds) of a skincare product, none of these claims comes with any scientific evidence that the products/ingredients are good for your skin.

In fact, often times “natural” and “organic” ingredients are NOT good for your skin –

 if they are they have to be thoroughly lab controlled to reap the rewards without any additional adverse effects.

And that’s where the beauty of skincare science comes in!

So, How About Safe Beauty?

Since the skincare industry is in the habit of throwing around arbitrary words – let’s give it a try ourselves, in the name of science!

Let’s create a concept that you can think about the next time you’re making a skincare-related decision, we present to you … Safe Beauty.

You might be wondering, what kinds of products fall under the category of Safe Beauty? Simply put, these are skincare products that are produced by cosmetic chemists, thoroughly tested, and formulated to be 100% effective, without compromising the overall health of you and your skin!

Safe Beauty represents the realities of skincare science, where we don’t shy away from words like chemical, or chemistry, or laboratory (wink, wink), or lab created. Think about how crazy that is! That we would shy away from a word like chemical when there is so much chemistry and science that goes into producing these skincare formulas.

PLUS, here’s a little bonus fact to knock your socks off: dihydrogen oxide, more commonly known as … water, is a chemical. Yes, you read that right –WATER IS A CHEMICAL! I know, I was pretty blown away when Manuela and the other cosmetic chemists broke down that whole thing for me too. What an epiphany huh?

So now imagine how crazy a Clean Beauty brand sounds when they promote their “natural & organic” products as chemical-free!

That’s how Safe Beauty sets itself apart; Safe Beauty loves its chemicals, Safe Beauty knows that the work is done in the lab, Safe Beauty is all about minimum toxicity and maximum results, and most of all, Safe Beauty is about giving your skin what it needs to be beautiful and healthy.

Scientific Skincare is Proven Skincare

The beauty of skincare science is that when you have cosmetic chemists that are as talented as ours, your opportunities are endless!

When it comes to lab-created products and ingredients, you’re able to be perfectly precise with everything you do. At Isomers Labs, we’re able to test our ingredients to understand their optimal percentage, how they react with other actives, and what the best way is to formulate with them. All of this, well before the end-product makes it to your bathroom cabinet!

That’s what is so crucial to understand here when it comes to this whole chemical-vs-natural debate (which we’ve established, doesn’t make sense in the first place), is that there are two questions we must ask ourselves. What concentrate percentage are we using for a given active ingredient? And, what is the toxicity level of the ingredient and finished skincare formula? The answers to those two questions lay the foundation for creating skincare formulas that give you the results you’re after, without sacrificing the health and integrity of your skin in the process.

The Poison is in the Percentage

As we wrap up here, let’s make sure we understand one key thing about skincare products: any given ingredient can be great for your skin or completely detrimental to its integrity – it all depends on the concentrate and how it mixes with other ingredients.

Allow me to illustrate that concept with a chemical (don’t worry, its organic) you probably come across everyday: NaCl.

A little bit of NaCl can be great! If you get a little too liberal when using it, it can quickly ruin a meal. If you mix a healthy amount with a glass of water and drink it, you’ll automatically throw up. And if you ingest a huge amount of NaCl you might give yourself hypernatremia, which can be fatal.

If you haven’t put it together yet, the chemical I’m talking about is sodium chloride, or as its more commonly known …. SALT!

So, as you can see, how much of an ingredient you use can be just as important as what ingredient you use! The only way to produce skincare formulas that optimize their ingredients is to trust the skincare science, and ISOlate (wink wink, again).

Skincare Powered by Science

If you’ve miraculously read everything and made it to the end, you’re now equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to trust the skincare science and make the right decisions for your skin.

We’re passionate about cosmetic chemistry, about formulating, about the whole scientific process, and about doing whatever we can to help people get the happy, healthy, beautiful skin they’ve always wanted!

Now, get out there and help us spread that skincare science, Safe Beauty gospel!


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