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Earn points on every purchase.

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Our Loyalty Program is free and easy-to-use – after you create an account you earn points on every purchase, each $1 spent equals 5 points. You can then bank the points you have earned and use them towards getting discounts on Isomers products. Aside from making purchases, you can earn points by referring a new member (you both get $50 CAD each valid on a purchase of $150+), leaving a review, liking/sharing on Facebook, following on Instagram and on your birthday as a little present! Plus, our Loyalty Program Members receive access to exclusive, value-packed offers.

Coupons value are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

No you cannot, you can use a discount code or your points towards your purchase – not both.

Yes, they do!

So, once you have banked enough points they convert into a dollar amount discount – 500 points equals a $5 CAD discount, 1000 points is a $10 CAD discount. When you want to redeem the points, all you have to do is login to your Loyalty account on our Isomers website, and you’ll be given a code that you can then use at checkout to receive your discount.

No they do not – they’re valid until the end of time.

Yes you can, if an order is cancelled the points you used towards your purchase will be reimbursed.

No, once you use your points to get a discount on a purchase and you receive the products, the points are considered spent and you cannot get them back.

• Customer must have an isomers account
• Customers must join the rewards program at least one month in advance

1.Click Rewards button
2.Click Ways to earn
3.Click Celebrate a birthday [Edit Date]
4.Add Month and Day -> Save