Clinical Trials

Do you want to have healthier, more balanced skin?


Who we are: Isomers Laboratories is a family-owned Canadian skincare company that has been innovating in the cosmetic chemistry space for over 35 years! One of the things that sets us apart is that we formulate, research, and test all under the same roof – this is the process behind countless award-winning skincare formulas.


What we need: With that said, we need YOUR help! If you are 30 years or older, or have visibly problematic skin, and live in the Toronto/GTA area – we’re inviting you to participate in our clinical trials. Before the trials begin, there will be a vetting process in which we will require pictures of the subject, your age, and your description of your skin concerns and skin type. If selected, the trials will then be conducted in 3 visits to our office that last about 1-2 hours each, they will proceed as follows:

  • First: non-invasive skin tests to determine the ideal skincare routine for you. This may be one product or multiple products. We then provide you with Isomers products (at no cost) and a routine to take home.
  • Second: usually about 1-2 weeks later, you come in and we take pictures/measurements of your skin – if needed we may alter your products/routine.
  • Third: after another 1-2 weeks, on your final visit, we will take final photographs and measurements of your skin to assess the results of the trial! 


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