4 Steps to Combatting Cellulite

August 16 2021

4 Steps to Combatting Cellulite

4 Steps to Combatting Cellulite

Despite being such a common problem people deal with, there is one really big misconception when it comes to combatting cellulite! Most people assume cellulite is caused purely because of an accumulation of excess fat – in reality, there’s much more to it than that. As we age our skin begins to lose its elasticity, it becomes thinner and looser – meaning it’s more penetrable.

That’s exactly how we get cellulite! When the layer of skin that connects to muscle becomes thinner, fatty tissue is able to squeeze through, press up against the outer layer of skin and cause this dimpled look on our thighs, butt and/or stomach. Yes, of course the less fatty tissue you have the less there is to be pressed against the skin. However, if the quality of your skin is strong and doesn’t allow the fatty tissue to press against the outer layer of your skin, then it doesn’t make a difference!

So, the origin of this issue and the key to combatting cellulite is really in the quality of our skin!

With this in mind, here are our 4 steps to combating cellulite:

Dry Brushing 

This is exactly what it sounds like! You scrub your skin with a dry-bristled brush to increase your blood flow in the problem area which will plump and smoothen the skin.

Contrast Showers 

Taking a hot shower has its benefits, and taking a cold shower has its benefits – a contrast showers are a routine where you alternate between the two! For cellulite, a contrast shower boosts the body’s sympathetic nervous system activity and metabolic rate, which help us remove some of the toxins in our body that are partially at fault for our cellulite.

Body Scrub

This has a similar idea as dry brushing. There are all kinds of body scrubs you can do that will help with lessening the visibility of cellulite – one of our favourites is coffee! A coffee scrub will assist in lymphatic drainage and strengthen skin tissue, which are both super effective for combatting cellulite.

Use our All-in-One NutriGym Body Toner

This Isomers formula was created specifically for combatting cellulite! This sculpting cream will make your skin’s natural silhouette firmer and smoother. You can think of it like taking your skin to the gym!

We feel as though cellulite is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of – it’s something that just about everyone deals with. However, we just want to let you guys know that this is a skin issue – and one that you can vastly improve on your own, if you wish to!


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